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Asus Armoury Crate dislikes Standard Account Users

Level 9

Specifications : 

Motherboard : ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (WI-FI)

OS Name Microsoft Windows 11 Pro

BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 4501, 19/04/2023

Processor AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor called with a h115i pro


ax1600i power supply

32 Gb of ram

symptom : when opening Armoury Crate with a Standard User account (non administrator) Armoury Crate will display a checking message, then ask for administrator privileges, I grant permission and enter my password, im then displayed a few messages about installing things, to name one "peripheral" after its finished im asked if i want to reopen the app or close it, i reopen and im displayed the same message as before, checking and then on to asking for administrator privileges again, displaying the same messages and after reopening, it just goes on in a loop, never opens, never ends

resolution : the only resolution is to open Armoury Crate as administrator, that means all accounts on the system will need to be administrator to open Armoury Crate

conclusion : end users of Microsoft Windows are advised by Microsoft, regardless of windows version, not to use an administrator account, as its a security risk for end users, hence why standard accounts exist as an option, does ASUS and the Armoury Crate developers intent to put end users at risk so they can carry on using Armoury Crate? an included and essential, only official program/app that allows adjustment of all lighting on the motherboard? no where can I find in the documentation that this program / app will only work for administrators, if it is intended, the Asus and it's the Armoury Crate developers need to make this clear to end users.

thank you for you're time, feel free to see the symptoms in real time and my reaction ‌‌😡

Asus Armoury Crate doesn't like standard account users on windows, this is a serious problem ASUS need to fix, it has wasted hours of my time trying to fix Blue Scorpion - Electronic Hard by

Level 9

Yup, having this same issue myself, disappointing you've not had any comments or advice from Asus 😕 but not surprising.


Hey guys,

I use my ROG forum log in email and password to log into Armoury Crate, I don't have to log in as an administrator.




Thank you,

But, we can't even run Armoury to try that ... (as standard users). As explained, Armoury is unavailable to even launch.

I can run AC when I am logged in as admin and can try this, but I don't see how it will help run AC as my normal, standard user.

I've had a look at the video and will give it a try though.

The video you shared @Nate152 doesn't show what windows account you are logged in to... So it proves nothing? You could be logged in to an administrator account while doing this whole signing in? 

Well, I am logged into my windows account as an administrator, I don't know if this would affect the Armoury Crate log in.

windows admin.png

This is the problem you should be able to login with a standard account and not require administrative privileges or an administrator account? Change you're account type to standard and you'll see the problem we are talking about 

It's not normal or and recommend by Microsoft that people use administrator accounts to browse the internet! Or do everyday tasks @Nate152 


Who came up with filling out these captcha all the time in order to reply!!

Appreciate the attempt to help, but this thread is titled Asus Armoury Crate dislikes Standard Account Users, as that's the issue we have.

We don't want to be using an admin account all the time as it's poor security practice. If a threat actor got into your system with the admin user logged in, they basically have the privileges to do anything.

You're welcome,

I understand we all want our pc's to be as safe and secure as possible. In my experience, the risk of running as an administrator is very small. I've never been hacked or attacked and I've been running as an administrator for as long as I can remember. I don't even use any fancy anti viruses, only windows defender.

There must be a reason they want us to log in as an administrator, I'll mention this to the ASUS technical team, but I can't guarantee they'll change anything.

Every program I've ever had, works on a standard account, when it's doesn't you hit the run as administrator. Which you only use when you 100% trust the source, which is the whole point really isn't it. Microsoft recommends all users run as standard users, the only time you should be running as an administrator is when you need to fix something or you're a developer, even other operating systems don't run the user account at the highest privilege, it's the very reason why Linux or Mac os require you to login as root, or use a sudo command before doing anything at that privilege level. If you're program needs this high privilege level inside of windows then you should add the ability to "run as administrator" by right clicking on the thing, or when the user opens the program they are told this program needs administrator privileges would you like to run ? Along with a prompt for the password? Instead, as of right now, when we open this program we get told there's a problem and it starts doing an install loop, it's the most insane thing I've ever seen a program do, no warning, no error, just install loop. The fact that such an important program can't run as a standard user, shows the end user how well these programs are made, no one over there has obviously got certificated from Microsoft to build programs, we aren't told what's being installed and why, we can't see what's running and why, I mean I see something to do with a ram kit in my task manager, I don't even have that ram kit installed in my system so why is it running the background when I don't have that brand of ram kit?