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Level 7
Hello everytime i install armoury crate no matter what version i get an Asio3.sys error also my motherboard doesnt appear there so i cant control any rgb lights
Can somebody help me with this issue?

Level 12
Howdy/Hello, That kind of error message means a driver is not loading. There is no reason for that problem except that some files or registry entries were changed somehow that should not have been. Your possible solutions would be to restore the system with a restore point or with a backup from before the problem occurred, OR to re-install windows. The windows reinstall means a fresh installation not a repair installation, because that won't correct the issue. Very good guides for win 10 and 11 linked below.

Level 12
AsIO3.sys is a driver file that is used by AI suite 3. There is a possibility that using the AI Suite 3 Cleaner could resolver at least some of your issue.

1) Run the Armoury Crate uninstaller and restart
2) Open the windows services app (Search for Services app) and check if there is a service called Armoury Live Update. If there is a service named Armoury Live Update do step 3, otherwise skip to step 4.
3) Pause windows updates. Download and use driver store explorer

to delete the rog device drivers shown as provided by Asustek (See the screenshot attached). 97591

Restart the system and verify Armoury Live Update is gone from the services app.

4) Run the AI Suite 3 Cleaner that is available on your motherboard support page. restart system

5) Unpause windows updates. Reinstall Armoury Crate.