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Armoury Crate Windows 11

Level 9
Is there anyone here who has Armory Crate to work with Windows 11?
Everything else works except can't login
Every gamer has suffered from small-screen videos

Nate152 wrote:
With other apps freezing, this could be ram instability, might want to try at default settings for a while.

If that doesn't help, a windows reinstall sounds in order.

Let us know if you've solved the freezing.

Hi! I have restored Windows is back to Windows 10.
No freezing apps windows works Armory Crate I can log in without any issue.
So I'll wait a while to run windows 11
Thanks! For the help Nate152 and also you others who have been involved.
Every gamer has suffered from small-screen videos

Hey! Nate152
I found the thread where you helped me find the issue with Armory Crate after Windows 11 installation and couldn't get it to work as I thought I could not log in to Armory Crate.
I installed Widows 11 last Friday and everything is working as it should, it's been a little over 6 months since I last tried.
But the issue itself has been solved, I don't know if there is an update that has helped or not.
But just wanted to thank you and others who tried to help me.
Razer68 �
Every gamer has suffered from small-screen videos

You're welcome,

Thanks for letting us know and good to hear things are running smoothly.