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Armoury crate version 5.9.4 push update through Microsoft store - causing ARGB issue

Level 9


Yesterday Microsoft store push an update for armoury crate from  version 5.8.9 to version 5.9.4. Everything working well except for the Aura Sync . I had ROG Azoth and ROG Wireless Keris Aimpoint connected to MOBO ROG Z790 Maximus Hero through Omni Receiver (Wireless 2.4  connection). The issue is - every time keyboard/mouse go to sleep mode e.g. after 3min enter sleep mode, the RGB of my entire system goes blink once. When i try to wake up my mouse/keyboard the entire RGB lighting will blink again. Continuously doing this weird thing when my keyboard/mouse enter sleep mode or wake up. Never happen when using Armoury Crate version 5.8.9.


Please help as currently i uninstalled armoury crate version 5.9.4 and reinstall older version which is 5.8.9 to avoid this weird RGB behavior. 

My system Specs as below:

Intel 13900k 

DDR5 G Skill Trident Z 64gb 6000mt/s @ CL32

ROG Maximus Z790 Hero

ROG Azoth

ROG Wireless Keris Aimpoint

ROG Strix 4090 OC

ROG Ryujin 3 360 ARGB

Case - Hyperion GR701


Level 10

Same issues here. It happened rarely in the previous release, but now it's consistent. I have the same keyboard/mobo as well...

Level 13

I did a cold boot and i working with no issues. I did track that. In my case i sit and not complain and work on it. And yes AC core is push and will always push my ms.


do a cold boot and works perfect. Btw OMNI is working. NOTE: disable on normal computer the fastboot IN WINDOWS,  and enjoy


Learn, Play Enjoy! We help and collaborate, NOT complain!

Done w u suggest but problem still persist, Thanks

i will check with adm when we have next week the post to report but should work fine on wireless fine. 

i wish a lot to have all devices to keep constant check on it.  but for now i am happy the omni wake up fine when goes to sleep at least on scope 2 96 




Learn, Play Enjoy! We help and collaborate, NOT complain!

Level 8

Exactly the same issue man, just posted here and found yours.

Level 9

Dear Asus Team,


Any update on this issue?