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Armoury crate version causing strix 4090 out sync upon reboot

Level 9

HI ASUS/developer,

Need some help here. I've own ROG Strix 4090 and Maximus Z790 Hero Mobo. Recent Armoury crate update to version causing my strix 4090 unable to sync RGB color based on preset in aura sync. Please fix or patch armoury crate. Seems annoying, everytime turn on pc strix4090 rgb out of sync. Thanks.


UPD2 - After shutting down and switching on after approximately an hour, the issue no longer appears. 🙂

UPD - After installing Armoury and the remaining subsequent updates the RGB GPU sync broke again 🙂 Hilarious Asus

I am not sure what and when got updated (prior to Armoury, but the unsync of my 4090 GPU is no longer recorded for the last couple of days. GG Asus

As of 12/04/2023 my 4090 Strix GPU still randomly resets to the default RBG settings. It has been months at this point remarkable. I guess I need to use third party software because a big company like ASUS cannot figure it out when my mobo and GPU are both their products.

Unfortunately, the same behavior is observed too. Some days it syncs, the other it does not (:

Level 8

Two and a half months later and my 4090 Strix keeps ignoring the saved Aura Sync RGB settings and goes back to it's default color cycle that it does when starting my PC up after being shut down. This is with Z790 Maximus Extreme and 4090 Strix. I have no other RBG software running.

When I start my PC for the first time in the morning after a few minutes the GPU goes back to default RGB settings and ignores the settings that are saved in Aura Sync. It first boots up with the correct color, but a few minutes after startup to goes back into default mode.

The Aura Sync setting is still in place for the color I specified, but it gets ignored by the 4090 and I have to reset the setting and reapply it. The issue doesn't seem to happen on reset, it happens after I shut it down for the night and start it up in the morning.

Does ASUS even read this forum or do they just not care to fix this.

Has anyone found a good way to work around the issue? I have tried to use third party software but if I keep Armory Crate running to control all the other silly stuff like the Anime matrix it still messes up the GPU. If it wasn't for the Anime maxtrix I would uninstall this stuff and I may do that anyway.

After spending over $3000 for a motherboard and GPU I sort of expect to not have this sort of issue for almost three months I dont know.

Asus, can you please put some of your products together, observe the issue, and fix it. Thanks!

Level 7

Same after update to the latest Armoury crate version It causes Asus Nvidia Geforce RTX2070 8Gb led colour and GL10CS case lighting unable to sync to preset  in aura sync. The only way is to disable and enable the check mark on the GL10CS case  in the Aura Sync tab then the effect of the lighting will change.  Already try the uninstall tool from Asus and reinstall the latest Armoury crate (The auto detect version) and still the same issue. Please fix