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Armoury crate version causing strix 4090 out sync upon reboot

Level 9

HI ASUS/developer,

Need some help here. I've own ROG Strix 4090 and Maximus Z790 Hero Mobo. Recent Armoury crate update to version causing my strix 4090 unable to sync RGB color based on preset in aura sync. Please fix or patch armoury crate. Seems annoying, everytime turn on pc strix4090 rgb out of sync. Thanks.


Yeah, I have the same sort of issue. Windows updated too and so did armoury crate. I was putting of the update as I had seen it wasn't working, I was using a system restore. But now my pc has chosen two restore points with the new version of Armoury Crate and I can't go back anymore so I'm stuck with RGB I can't control anymore. Not gonna lie it's really pissing me off that none of my stuff is synced and I can't even turn my 4090 Strix off because it won't show up anywhere in Armoury Crate anymore. Why force us into these new versions if they're not working as intended, how can they be so dense they won't even let you roll back to a version of Armoury Crate that was working. I've removed Armoury crate 5 times with the uninstall tool and reinstalled. It makes no difference, as soon as I restart my 4090 is gone. Even if I try to install an old Armoury Crate version I have, it still installs the newest version. I pay all this money for top end parts for techs at Asus to not even check stuff works before they release it. Corsair ICUE Asus plugins also don't work anymore so can't control anything that way. Do they even check this stuff before they release it?  Now I have to sit with my motherboard and GPU out of sync to the rest of my system. When will someone from Asus answer all of these posts with the issues due to new Armoury Crate. Please for the love of god let us have a feature to roll back Armoury Crate to previously working versions. All of my RGB is a hot mess too bro, I feel your pain!!


Level 8

My Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4090 OC as well no longer correctly syncs on windows start up. Asus, please fix this. Thanks!

Level 8

AC=Complete Garbage

Level 9

So we have to unistall and install wich take alot of time on every faulty update? And because there is no rollback option...

That's why I don't want to do it this time. You're right.

Level 9

Waiting so long asus to fix their on mess...i guest they never learned - Fxck U ROG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WhatsApp Image 2023-10-21 at 4.35.12 PM.jpeg. U think 5000USD full ROG build is cheap???

Level 8

Same here


- TUF 4070Ti OC

When reboot computer TUF logo on GPU lose syncronize with aura sync, have to unchek and re-check the GPU grom aura sync


I have try 2 times to unistall all crate software (uninstall tool), clean the PC (with CCleaner) reboot, shutdown wit h current removed... reinstall software 

But every time i reboot: 

- while booting all rainbow colour

- first time sync when aura services starts (off and on of all light for a second) => all sync (even GPU)

- second time sync when aura services starts (off and on of all light for a second) => sync all except of GPU light (that remain on rainbow)

Level 8


Issue is now resolved with latest AC update.


Level 9

A few  months ago i had to perform a full windows 11 clean install because of the

AsIO3.sys" issue, i'm not doing this again.

Level 7

Well, I ended up just removing the Armoury Crate software with their uninstall tool and just installed the old Aura Sync Utility software, which now works as intended and at least isn't bloated like the Armoury Crate.
Installing the Armoury Crate Full Package with the old software version also worked, but I just decided to avoid that *lovely* software for now.