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Armoury Crate V5.6.3.0 / AURA Creator V3.6.5.0 [Report here if any issues]

Community Admin
Community Admin

A new Armoury Crate major release is now available. This is the official thread to report issues.

Please Read First:

Uninstall legacy Aura Sync software if already installed.
Always uninstall Armoury Crate using our uninstall tool (do not remove manually) - now included in the standard installer (right-click on icon in Windows Start Menu)

DO NOT delete files manually after uninstalling Armoury Crate
DO NOT modify the registry
Try to perform a power cycle to resolve lighting issues (shutdown and unplug power supply for at least 60 seconds)
Forms MUST be completed and submitted in order to be processed.
Forms from non-forum members will NOT be processed
Must post a brief description in this thread (do this before filling in a form) to receive status updates.

Must read before reporting issues:

1. THIS IS NOT A THREAD FOR GENERAL CHAT, please report issues ONLY (try to find related threads or create a new one)
2. Try to reboot the system after updates are installed, and check again.
3. DO NOT report issues if facing improper uninstallation or registry issues - please resolve first
4. Revert system to stock speeds to check if errors are caused by excessive overclocking (even if overclock was stable previously)
5. Verify and confirm issues before reporting (do not make multiple posts while still in the process of troubleshooting)
6. Post a brief description of your issue in this thread (less than 50 words)
7. Record and generate a log (change the extension from .LogE to .txt). Prepare some screenshots and photos if applicable.
8. Complete the online Google form:
9. Save the link to the form in case you need to revise or upload additional files (do not submit multiple form for the same issue).

How to record a log
How to Record a log.png

First, check the Record log box to start recording (Setting/About/App diagnostics)
Agree to the disclaimer
Replicate the issue you are having (reboot if necessary - the log tool will keep running)
Click on the Generate log data button
Save the log file to a location of your choice. (Avoid locations synced to OneDrive)
Stop the recording
Remember to upload this log file to the Google Form (change file extension to .txt first)

Is my product supported in Armoury Crate & Aura Creator?

Installation Error?

Download and install Armoury Crate Lite Log Tool v1.0.6.0

For more info:
Fill in the Google Form and attach the generated log there.


Download Update:

Please install using Armoury Crate Installer V3.2.6.1 (approx: 2 MB), download link here:

Full installation package V1.1.2.2 (approx: 3GB) here:
(V5.3.4.0 will be installed without internet connection, requires internet connection to upgrade to V5.6.3.0)


Release Notes:

Release Notes - Republic of Gamers Forum (



FPS, Racing, and VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin
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i added the log. Please be aware that as long as i do not reboot my pc, the settings stay as they should. Only after reboot they are "reset".

Then please record and replicate, it doesn't matter if you reboot, recording will continue until you generate.

FPS, Racing, and VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin

I added a new log through a reboot. I actually had to reboot twice, because 1 of my RAM modules would not sync with aura (this problem has been coming and going through different versions of AC). The problem of the reset was reproduced however.

 'I had the same error and managed to fix it by the comments of one of the clever users.'


Level 9

help please,
I can't access my devices in the armory create app.

Please follow the instructions in the original post at the top of the page to submit a form. We cannot help you with such little info. Thanks.

FPS, Racing, and VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin

Hi MaserC,

I followed the instructions at the beginning of the topic, created a log file (with .logE extension), now how do I upload it to you to solve my problem.

Dear MasterC,

Please excuse me, this is the first time I have made such a request.

Although I have followed the instructions many times, I still cannot enter my devices from the Armory Create application.
Motherboard: z590 ROG maximus-XIII hero,
VGA: RTX3060
COOLANT: Ryujin-1-240
but I can't enter these devices from the armory create application and interfere with their settings, lights, fans as before. it could be done before, now it doesn't.

also how to post the creator's log record (LogToolLiteLog_20230520-095649.logE) for you to review and understand.


To upload your log: rename file LogToolLiteLog_20230520-095649.logE to file LogToolLiteLog_20230520-095649.txt.

Click on this link to complete the online Google form: (you can upload your log here)

Thank  you  Flo