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armoury crate v5.6.10.0 issue

Level 7

After update i can't access in fan expert4 page........Someone can help me? Please?



Level 7

Having the same issue tired uninstalling and reinstalling and no luck. if u try to not update the fan xpert it forces u to do it and as soon as u do u get that error.

i swear no one test these updates from asus one of the update before when u would run the auto tune it would make the cpu heat up to like well over 100c till the system would shut it self off. when i reported it to them there only response was well dont use auto turn just manually set the fans up...

Level 8

I am having the same issue and it appears that many others are as well. Sometimes Fan Xpert is accessible after closing and opening Armoury Crate, sometimes a restart will help. Unfortunately I can no longer access Fan Xpert no matter what methods I try and get the same error.

Some acknoweldgement from ASUS that they are aware of the Fan Xpert issues would be helpful and perhaps some indication of timeframe for resolution. Even the download links for the new version of Armoury Crate, which does not resolve the Fan Xpert issues anyway, appear to be broken.

they could just roll back the latest update but asus sucks when something don't go right they just make u wait around till they fix it rather then back tracking it.

Level 7

a frame work update was released today that seems to have fixed the fan Xpert error

For me not resolve


there was 3 updates released today including one  for fan xpert try  updating again.