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Armoury Crate v5.0.11.0 [Report here if any issues]

Community Admin
Community Admin
A new major release was just released.

Suggest to uninstall Aura Sync software if already installed.

Cores service updates:
Armoury Crate Lite Service v5.0.8
Armoury Crate Service v5.0.8
AURA Service (Lighting Service) v3.05.29
ROG Live Service v1.3.8.0
Aura Service Add-on v0.0.21

New features:
Brand new UI - V3.0
Added "Content Platform" - new feature for further animation, wallpaper, AniMe Matrix effects released.
Added "Aura Wallpaper" as the dynamic wallpaper to extend the RGB lighting effects from devices to the screen.
Added featured promotions
Device pages added one-click "Scenario Profiles" shortcut.
Support for colorful content in Motherboard AniMe Matrix model (ROG MAXIMUS Z690 EXTREME)

Bug fixes & Enhancements:
[Laptop] Added resoultion switch (UHD/FHD) in System Configuration (for compatible models only)
[Laptop] Added "Backlight control" in System Configuration (for compatible models only) to switch between one-zone & multi-zone
[Laptop] Renamed "HyperFan" as "Operating mode"
[Laptop] Power comsumption enhancements
[AIO Cooler] Fixed animation display issues
[Motherboard] Fixed Dashboard info display issues
[Mouse][Keyboard][Headset] Fixed power info display issues
[Mouse] Enhanced the Surface Calibration configuration UI and flow
UI enhancements
Several other bugs fixes


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When i try to load my Strix Flare in Armoury Crate it gets stuck in a loading screen. (Aura works fine)

Here is a link to a video i recorded:

With the newest version of armoury crate GPU power saving doesn't seem to be working at all.
When I unplug from power my GPU is still active even when I close all Processes using the GPU, I am using the MSHybrid - Optimized Mode. This means that my gpu should turn of regardless if I'm plugged in or not when it is not being used.

This is a huge impact on my battery.


When open ARMOURY CRATE and go to open scenery profile, crash to desktop, while if open another menù and then reopen scenery profile works fine. I've notice that if i open armoury crate and close it, launch photoshop pro 2022 it takes several seconds to work, while if i don't open armoury crate, photoshop works fine.

Kind regards

Hey, i have a problem. Sometimes the numpad light turns on by itself when the keyboard goes into power save mode even if the computer is turned off. I mean other part lights is off, numpad light stays on. I would appreciate if you let the software team know. Have a healty day.

My PC System;
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
OS: Windows 11 21H2

Armoury Crate;
UWP: v5.0.11.0
Aura Set: 20210127
HTML: 2.12.09
Device SDK: 2.01.26
Manufacturer software: 20.12.01

I have full asus setup, so I would expext that it would be a piece of cake for Asus coders to check and avoid issues, because you know the products. But:

- main screen shows CPU temperature as 0 celcius. Probably because GA35DX is liquid cooled, but hey, it's your own product. c'mon! Can't be that hard.
- It shows that little "N" in device page under ROG Claymore II, like there would be updates available, and there is not. I fought for 3 days to get drivers updated, because it just didn't work. And finally succeeded but this notification remained.
- Aura wallpaper doesn't work (i don't even know what it is, because it has never worked). ("error! Aura wallpaper not found..." no matter how many times I try to download something.
- My PG349Q works with aurasync set directly from Armoury Crate default themes. BUT if I want to create a theme with aura creator, my monitor doesn't show in the device list. So the lighting I create doesn't apply to monitor but does in everywhere else. I think it's a big design failure from Asus. What if unsupported component would be for example a keyboard. Nice to write without lighting... (ok that may be problem with aura creator, not armoury crate, but the end result is the same, lights are off).
- sometimes my computer starts to change performance settings (or just bugging... i dont know) and puts those settings texts (windows, turbo etc) in the middle of display randomly few times per minute. No matter if armoury crate client is running or not. Really annoying if I'm trying to do some real work. Gladly I haven't seen it during games.
- UI for creating game themes for keyboard is pure hell. It takes 5 times more time compared to logitech G software to create game-based theme. Try Logitech and do some industrial spying and create a same system... it can't be that hard. This is far too hard nowadays, nobody is probably using that option now. I used to have game based settings with logitech (easier to remember key shortcuts when key cap colors are set per game), but when I bought Claymore 2 I almost returned my purchase because now the lights are just lights without any idea. Just a teenage effect without purpose, and I'm not a teenager, I'm almost 50. 😉

So that's for the starters... I have youtube channel and I've done unboxing and review videos of this stuff. I planned to introduce Claymore II next, but I would have to introduce Armoury Crate too because I'd like to show what can you do with this keyboard (macros etc). I''m not sure should I because this is so full of bugs.

Good side is that it works better than any version before! But really bad software still.

- Asus GA35DX
- Asus PG349Q
- Asus Gladius III wireless
- Asus Claymore II
- Asus H3 TUF Gaming
- Asus ROG Sheat 🙂

My suggestion is you really should re-code the whole software from the scratch. It's impossible to fix something that is so totally messed up. Bug fix over the bux fix, over the bug fix... no one can handle that. Compare to Logitech for example. And Logitech G is said to be full of bugs... They should see Armoury Crate... 😉

Well probably an other bottle in the sea but i got to do my port so it's report time yay!

Device concerned : ASUS FX EHD-A2T
Bug: When the EHD-A2T is connected and synced to aura, if an other USB deviced is plugged or unplugged, the whole aura lightning from all the device froze, and the Aura device tab on Armoury crate stays on an infinite loading.
To fix it I need to disconnected the EHD-A2T. All aura lightnings and device tab are back to normal instantly after that.

My specs:

AMD 3700X cooled by a Ryujin 360
Asus Strix X470 f-gaming latest bios and chipset
32 GO Corsair VENGEANCE RGB PRO SL CAS 16 (4*8GO sticks)
Asus Strix 2080ti OC
Powered by a ROG Thor 850W
In a Helios case

Hello! Theme problem after update on version 5.0.10 & 5.0.11 -
Please help.

更新完 Armoury Create v5.0.11.0
開啟應用程�-->崩潰-->移除程�完�移除�開-->安�Armoury Create安�失敗�開-->安�Armoury Create完�-->開啟應用程�-->�始化-->崩潰
第二�-->移除程�完�移除�開-->安�Armoury Create安�失敗�開-->安�Armoury Create完�-->開啟應用程�-->�始化-->崩潰
Aura Creator�執行

X299 Prime Deluxe here. I've updated to AC yesterday and ever since, I can't play Apex Legends anymore. Windows crashes with a BSOD when starting the game.
If I verify game files, it works again for a while. At some point the BSOD comes back. When I uninstall AC, the problem goes away as well. Very frustrating.

Hi all, sorry if this is in wrong place but im looking for any advice regarding an armoury crate issue ive recently got.
Been using armoury for a couple of years without any real issues i couldnt fix before, but recently I had a Windows 11 update (not a big one but one of those reset and does updates etc) anyway I noticed that i was getting a notification that my DRAM was not synced and i should goto the A-crate and sync it, upon looking at my devices the RAM section and checkbox was missing so sure enough I went to adressable headers and did a rescan and the DRAM re appeared in the list and i thought all was well. Unfortunately on every reboot I was getting the same issue re appear and had to apply the same fix everytime.
My RAM is Ballistix RGB RAM, and before either the windows update or an armoury crate update everything was working fine.
Ive searched online and tried uninstall armoury crate with the tool and then reinstall but the issue comes back.
I am using ICUE as ive always been doing and in the options I have the plugins disabled because it conflicts with armoury crate as they both want to control my LED strips. I have the latest armoury crate and checked for all the updates.

Has anyone else ran into this and found a solution?

Item Version
---- -------
Armoury Crate UWP App
ROG Live Service
AURA Service (Lighting Service) 3.05.29
Armoury Crate lite service 5.0.8
ASUS AURA Extension Card HAL
ASUS AURA Motherboard HAL
ASUS Keyboard HAL
KingstonDram 1.1.12
AURA DRAM Component 1.1.16
Patriot Viper DRAM RGB
Patriot Viper M2 SSD RGB
Universal Holtek RGB DRAM