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Armoury Crate v. issue

Level 7

Hello. With the latest update, I can't access the video card and keyboard settings. The keyboard is not detected after starting the system until you reconnect it. When opening the graphics card or keyboard settings page, there is an endless load, ending in an error 2005.


Item                       Version     
----                       -------     
Armoury Crate UWP App     
ROG Live Service      
Aura Service (Lighting Service)  3.07.17     
Armoury Crate lite service  5.6.8       
Aura Wallpaper Service     Не установлено
Aura SDK                   3.04.32     
ASUS AIOFan HAL       
ASUS AURA Extension Card HAL    
ASUS AURA Motherboard HAL     
ASUS Keyboard HAL    
ASUS Mouse HAL       
KingstonDram               1.1.18      
AURA DRAM Component        1.1.23      
ENE RGB HAL          
PHISON HAL            
Patriot Viper DRAM RGB     
Patriot Viper M2 SSD RGB     
Universal Holtek RGB DRAM     
WD_BLACK AN1500      


I would have given you the logs, but you closed the form and you have not started collecting feedback on this version. 

How long can you break something that used to work? Maybe you should fire half of the department and hire more qualified employees, for example, from CIS countries, where a lot of excellent and successful digital products are produced? Acting like a small indie company.


Level 7

Keyboard fixed with the updates that just came out, but not the video card