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Armoury crate using wihtout update

Level 7

Im sick of this app. Always forgot after restart of power down how my RGB shine and i need manualy klick on my preferences. But that is the minor problem im not rgb fan. But my major point is why i cant use for example FanXpert before update ??????? What kind of retard prove this for real time use. I cant use whole program until i update some piece of unnecessary crap? Tell me why? Why i must update it? Its super frustrating even when is requiered restart for stupid aura of framework. From Dashboard i cant accses to FanXpert, if klik on gear nothing happened. Every update makes apps worse and worse. My friend tell me stories how sick is this app aswell. Why you still stay on this user unfriendly tactic? And dont recomened me reinstal im not here for lazy answers.

My point: 

i dont want update until i choose to do it

i want 100% functional progam without restriction based on updates

i want from program to remember all my settings when i shut down system.

ps: why your A650 mobo still start my windows for 1 minute??