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Armoury crate on virtual machine works?

Level 7

I use win 8.1 pro and also have win 11 installed on vm(win 11 X-lite optimum os latest build).. My question is that since i use win 8.1, i am unable to control fan speed of STRIX LC II 360 as armoury crate doesnt work on win does by installing armoury crate on win 11 which is used by vm can help me to control fan speed?

i had Razer kraken v3 pro but synapse3 is not supported on win 8.1 so installed synapse 3 on vm(win 11) and i was able to turn off the Headset lighting effects permanently where the lights remained off even after shutting down the vm.. i find this behavior in a way where i see synapse 3 is a tool to send/register instructions with headsets firmware where the headset receives the command and applies them permanently(and to access the synapse3 we need a tool like win 11 besides that win 11 isnt a necessity for continous functions)

Is the ARMOURY CRATE SOFTWARE ENGINEERED in the same way ? Currently i turned off all lights of motherboard, AIO amd PSU using BIOS Stealth mode, now just a very few lights continue to be on, im ok with that and havent found the need to install armoury crate

My cpu temp is consistently being at 38c  without any fan tweaks due to the lightweight win 8.1... but i thought i wanted to experience how much cooler my cpu can get and how much powerful it will feel to see strix lc II 360 running at higher rpms.... and thus for achieving this, i need armoury crate but will it work when used via vm and got the ability to control the host machine hardwares? Can someone answer this...

Its too bad to see ASUS is also being a part of forced consumerism to make people upgrading windows 11 while win 8.1 works just fine... its the fastest os up to date..

Atleast make a tiny lightweight software called ROG FAN Control for win 8.1 and Win 7 where the software helps in controlling the fan speed of AIO and chassis... thanks


Level 7