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Armoury Crate not showing drivers list on controller or utility

Level 7

The Armoury Crate is not showing any drivers to update or the list of drivers installed on the controller panel or in utility.
It showed at first, but I've updated my drivers. And now this. I would like to check if the drivers versions are the same as the last update on the motherboard main page support, but I can't because the app doesn't work anymore.


I bought a new Rog Strix Z790-A WiFi D4 + i913900k, built my new PC, and installed Armoury Crate. I saw a lot of people having this exact same problem. I see a lot of people recommending formatting and doing a fresh install on Windows. I did it twice. I will not get a third one. This is not a problem with my system. I tried to uninstall the Armoury Crate as well and install it again. No success.

Any news about when we're going to have a new Armoury Crate update to fix this? If I have to format my PC for the third time its easier to unninstall and forget about Armoury Crate and check regularly on the motherboard support page to update things manually. For a lot of people to have this problem and the only solution (that doesn't work for everyone) is to format and fresh install Windows. That's not normal.




Level 8

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