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Armoury Crate No panel overdrive / refresh rate option

Level 7
My laptop: Zephyrus GA503QC 2021
I no longer see the option to switch refresh rate in Armoury Crate. When on battery power, my laptop no longer switches to 60Hz mode to save battery power.

This is a well-documented issue with Armoury Crate.

For example:

It existed with the recent 4.2 version and persists with the new update.

I have sent more than 5 messages to email support at Asus in the past two weeks. No reasonable answer or suggestion has been given.

Community Admin
Community Admin
In case you missed it, this was explained in the Armoury Crate issue reporting thread.

Download RefreshRate Service from the link below (can also be found on the GA503QC support page) and install, future updates will be found under the MyASUS app.
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I appreciate your trying to help with this issue. However, I already have that version of the refreshrate service installed.

Despite this, I did uninstall this software, restart, reinstall, restart again, then launch Armoury Crate.

All this did was to make the panel overdrive option appear; it did not solve the issue of being able to switch refresh rates.

In the meantime, there was just very recently an update from Myasus to the Smart Display Control (1.7.10), which is supposed to be due a bug with Windows 11, but actually reinstated the option to switch resolution modes on my Windows 10 setup.

Community Admin
Community Admin
Please check your inbox, thanks.
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MasterC@ROG wrote:
Please check your inbox, thanks.

a week ago i had the asus g15 3070, i sold it and got myself the m16 3070ti, when on battery it doesnt switch automatically to 60hz and the option is missing from armoury crate, contrary to the g15 which i had before. is this an issue that can be solved?. i can manually change the refresh rate on windows options but that is just not optimal, since armoury crate used to do it for me in this laptop's sister(g15)