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armoury crate never works well

Level 7

first time i ve touched this app was in 2020, when i bought tuf gaming laptop, most of the time when i wanted to use it, it went to infinity loading screen and only full reinstalling was helping for a while,after several reboots(or even 1 lol) everything happens again, after several years i bought new laptop, zephyrus and EXACTLY same problem still exists, i googled and tried many different things, asus support gave me "troubleshoot" steps, that were actually just reinstall the app, and later suggested to post here

ps i also tried different vpn servers,because i assumed it may be a problem in certain way


Level 12

And any conclusions?

Do not install AC?

Looking for an alternative to AC?

Or maybe look for an alternative to ASUS laptops?

is it reddit forum? never seen such geniuses anywhere else