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Armoury Crate miss leds everyday

Level 7

Every day my Armoury Crate loses LEDs in ARGB devices and I have to rescan the devices in the addressable devices tab because, for example, the backlight on 2 or 3 fans stops working. Asus Aura also shows a problem with identifying the number of diodes.

Asus releases new updates practically every day, you have to wait every day for them to be done, but it doesn't help, they just waste time.

Are you ever going to fix these annoying bugs? Not only do your B650 boards have a problem with clock speeds hanging at 500MHz in PBO mode, but now there is also a problem with RGB.

Asus has recently had a really terrible series of problems that they are not solving. Not to mention the approach to customers.

- B650-A Strix
- Arctic Liquid Freezer III ARGB White
- Phanteks NV5 White DRGB
- ROG Strix RTX 2060
- BeQuiet Straight Power 11 650W
- Windows 11 Pro

Right now, when I take a screenshot, it detects everything correctly and lights up correctly: