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ARMOURY CRATE / Manually fan control new Version!?

Level 7
Hello people, 🙂

I have an ASUS ROGS Strix G731GV Notebook for a year now and I am super satisfied, but I am still bothered by the Armoury Crate manual fan control. (Undervoltage and Throttlestop are set).

On my Destop PC I use the program Speedfan where I can wonderfully adjust the speed to the temperature, but on my laptop this is only possible with RPM percentages numbers without reference to the manual adjustment of the temperature (Which is basically witless).

Then I saw by chance that the Asus Zephyrus this is possible via Armoury Crate.

My question: Is the manual setting of a proper fan curve now also possible on the ROG models? And if so which version do I need for a more precise control of the fans?

Attached the difference RPM/Percentages slider (ROG Strix) and fan curve (Zephyrus)

Thanks Chris 🙂

Level 8
From what I have seen only the new ROG models released in 2020 support this. My 2019 Zephyrus S GX502GW doesn't support this.

Is it possible to integrate this fan control in the desktop version?