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Armoury Crate Manual mode Bug

Level 8

I'm facing a issue with manual mode in armoury crate . GPU thermal Target is not working. changing thermal limit and applying not working GPU temp exceed the limit. Trying to undervolt since the CPU temperature is 90 C above and GPU temperature stay at 86 C (thermal throttling) at all the time even in lower setting. Now iam using Tweak III to set thermal which is working but every time i have to set manual mode first to undervolt CPU and then set thermal in tweak. every time apply  manual mode will override tweak setting. other problem is tweak won't support Laptop Fan. so i have to use manual mode setting. 

The method is effective since temperature lowered to avg 75 C cpu and set 80 for GPU. also fans are not too loud.  

Using Scar 17 G733ZX