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Armoury Crate Loading Screens are Frustrating

Level 9
I just upgraded from Z170 to Z690 and noticed I have to use Armoury Crate to use FanXpert instead of AI Suite. I installed it and found it useful but I don't recall seeing this many loading screens when switching between options in quite a long time. Is there anyway to use FanXpert on AI Suite or is there a planned update to improve the GUI on Armoury Crate?

Level 13
Armory crate is frustrating period. I dont know what but the lighting is just something they have yet to get rigtht fromn the first AURA release. most of the problem posts revolve around armory crate. Personally I dont use it and use the last lighting servce, aka aura and just installed it and never launched it just to get the lighting service running. I gave up on this mess long ago and every now and then against my better judgement try it again, matter of fact just now recovered from uninstalling it again and going back to how I had it. I had high$$ ASUS keyboards, mouse and never could get it to sync my ram. Went all corsair for peripherals and case lighting and just have to have the lighting service running for Ique to control the MOBO. Dont care about RGB header on the MOBO as i dont use them. All corsair and not a hiccup. ASUS makes great hardware, couldnt be happier with my R6EE with an 10980XE in it with Corsair dominator RGB Ram. Ique controls that perfectly and has a lot more profile and columniations. Only other thing at works worth a hoot is aquacomputer but thats a bit time consuming as there are no presets, you have to program it out the way you wand but the results are incredible. Aquacomputer is also the best fan controllers on the market. You dont have to get the high doller controller. Depending on how many fan channels you can get a quadro for 4 channels or octo for 8 and they can be split. Works much better than the MOBO headers that are contantly up and down. AI Suite is even worse. Bricked a MOB witth that trash. better off not installing either and if yhou use the MOBO headier so control fans you can set it up in the BIOS.

Level 9
I didn't have any issues with any of the functionally in Armoury Crate working. Just frustrating there is a 3-5 second loading screen on many of the options excluding the ads under Featured/News.

Regarding RGB, I didn't have any issues with Aura Sync inside the Armoury Crate. I did have to follow a specific install order to use the Corsair iCue Armoury Crate plugin to manage the Corsair Dominator ram. I noticed iCue pegs the CPU and causes idle power usage to go from 10w to ~50w. Uninstalled that bloated iCue software and used OpenRGB: