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Armoury Crate Lighting Service CPU usage in the latest update v5.6.3.0 (on static color mode)

Level 8

it should always use 0% of the cpu when the rgb mode is set to static, but after the new update even the static mode uses my cpu


It Is Asus Aura sync lighting service 





Thanks for the heads up on this, I completely forgot about the standalone software. I uninstalled Armoury Crate and just installed this and set my static color. CPU usage is back to 0%. I probably should've did this along time ago tbh, Armoury Crate just seems too problematic these days. I mean all I ever really used it for was to control mobo lighting and logging into the rewards page (but that portion hasn't even been working for almost a year) so this is a much more lightweight solution for that anyways. Thanks again. 👍

Level 9

Well, I just looked and mine is doing the same thing. Hovering around 6-7% actually which is alarming for a static profile.

Level 7

Same here. About 4% load with a static color.

If i disable control of ram it drops to 0 like it used to. Someone messed up here.

Level 7

Same problem that I am experiencing. I have turned the ram off and that has sorted that problem sort off. So when will ASUS resolve the problem, or should I say do they even read the problems raised in this forum ????

Level 7

I have the same issue after latest update and turning off ram sync fixes it for me ( rog asus z790 hero and tforce ram ddr5 6800 )  PLZ fix it !!!!