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Armoury Crate + Lian Li UNI Fan V2 - Few Questions

Level 10
Hello guys!
I'm moving from a ALL Corsair System to just keep Asus (That means, only use Armoury Crate for Fans speed control and ARGB).
I just pulled the trigger for 10 Lian Li Uni SL120 V2 to replace all my Corsair QL120. My motherboard is a ROG B650E-E GPU also ROG, PSU ROG, Keyboard and Mouse, also ROG and the Monitor.
(That's why want to keep everything on Armoury Crate.)
So the questions begin:
How it is the integration between the Uni Fan V2 (Fan and ARGB) directly to the Motherboard Headers? So I can go to Armoury Crate with no extras HUBs or Software.
Once they are all connected to the mobo, how it looks like in the Armoury Crate to control lights? (you have the option to customize LED by LED? or just the entity thing?)
What is the best option, connect everything in the motherboard, or connect everything in the Lian Li HUB and the hub in the FAN and ARGB mobo single connectors? With this type of setup, Armory Crate still recognizes everything, or I'll need to get the L-Connect 3?
If I follow the patch of having my Armoury Crate controlling the Fans and L-Connect for light (since the L-Connect have a pass-through for the motherboard) There is no issue to keep both open and running at the same time, right? Or it's better to have the following combo: Armory Crate + Signal RGB?
Thanks guys!!! It will be my first Lian Li product. I'm excited for the UN features!!!

Level 8

just get my own lian li setup

in my case, I connected all fans to the lian li hub
and in L-Connect select "controll by motherboard"

after that, the lights work fine
all of them are controlled by MB from bios or Armoury Crate
ArmouryCrate + L-Connect works fine

the only things that you have to keep L-Connect in auto-launches

Hello Alexer!

Thank you for your reply.
Really good to know they work fine together by the HUB. From the HUB you plugged the PWM and the ARGB Cable in the Motherboard, right?
The way you setup, in Armory Crate did you have a lot of options for the lights, or just the basic? Are you using the Aura Sync stand alone version  or just the Armoury Crate?

Did you try to plug DIRECTLY the fans in the PWM and ARGB header in the motherboard, without using the HUB????

yes, generally all of them goes to the hub

and the hub is connected to the MB

there only few things, that I also connected dirrectly to the MB:

- the PWM and ARGB of pump

- the ARGB of case

I rather prefer to connect all ARGB to the hub, but there was no free space or splitters


also my MB cant recognize PWM from hub as chasis fan, but this can be fixed by connecting one fan and hub with splitter (found this solution on forum)

Really good to know!!

Tomorrow I'll pick-up my order and maybe only Thursday I'll start to Swap my Corsair QL120 to the UniFan SL120 V2. (I'm tired of the iCue and the million of cables (in my case, 20 Cables ONLY for Fans+RGB)

And them I'll post here how it's going

and "no"

I didn't try to connect fans directly to the MB

but I don't think it would be a problem

I'll try first directly to the MB, and after, using the HUB.

Thanks for your help and sharing your experience!

Hello, I have a problem, I have explained my problem in detail below. I bought the Lian Li Uni SL120 V2 triple set. My motherboard is ASUS Crosshair X670E Hero.

  1. I first uninstalled the Armory Crate software with Armory Crate Uninstall and restarted the computer.
  2. Then I installed the L-Connect 3 software. In Quick/Sync Lighting with this software, I was able to control the ARGB of the fans. But when I pressed the "MB Lighting Sync" button, the button wouldn't move. (UNI HUB SL V2 is installed and I have made all the connections.)
  3. I then reinstalled the Armory Crate software. When I pressed the "MB RPM Sync" button in Fan/Pump Profile with the L-Connect 3 software, the button worked. Thus, I was able to control the rotation speed of the fans with the FanXpert 4 program in Armory Crate software.

However, since "MB Lighting Sync" in Quick/Sync Lighting in L-Connect 3 software did not work. When I pressed the "MB Lighting Sync" button, the button wouldn't move. I could not sync using Armory Crate with Aura Sync.

I would be glad if you could help me with what I need to do to synchronize the ARGBs of the fans.

did you plug the ARGB cable that comes out of the LianLi HUB to the motherboard?

sure, i plugged in the USB, ARGB and PWM cables and also connected two power cables to the PSU.