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Armoury Crate installation tips

Level 12
**Edited info about AI Suite 3 and Prefetch on 5-12-22 based on better info and results.

** New recommendation for a possible quick fix for many issues. I have 2 posts on the subject. Latest is in another thread here:
I first reported it later in this thread here:

Depending on the severity of your issues the rest of the info below is intended to get it running right but some of it is fairly involved.

Hi I have an intel desktop system, the details are in my profile if you like to see them. I had my share of difficulties with AC 5.1.5, sorted it out finally.

Problems I encountered

1. It needed a fix for the keyboard, the developers took care of it after I sent my log
2. Installation errors 504 and 101 that say restart and check internet connection
3. RGB basic animation stuttering and the app saying it needed to turn on performance mode
4. Updates resulting in poor performance like #3 above.

*5. Using the uninstaller Armoury Crate - Support ( and installing again and running the installer 2 or 3 times after just rebooting (more than once) does not fix the issues you are experiencing.

** Definitely try just uninstalling with the tool and installing again and if you get a network error just restart and run the installer again.... Do that stuff before considering all the suggestions I have compiled. This list is a compilation of steps to cure whatever ails.

IMPORTANT: These suggestions WILL NOT help if the AsusCertService.exe is not running properly on your system. Check it is running with Task manager-details tab or check windows event log Application log (there should be an Event 0, AsusCertService - "The operation completed successfully" event logged there immediately after system startup.

1a. I recommend you turn off XMP memory overclock or cpu overclock during this process. If you have a usb flash drive just save your bios profile if this is a concern, and then you can reload it afterward.

1b. Update your bios to the latest from Asus support page and/or set your bios to defaults. Note that you may need to check your TPM setting is correct after setting defaults.

2. Update your hardware drivers (I recommend using MoKiChU's driver packs.

3. Use Driver store explorer to remove old drivers from you driver store, this app is shared by MoKiChU also in his driver threads.

4. How to reinstall chipset drivers? MoKiChU has the answer for intel chipset here

*** THIS #5 IS NOT NECESSARY, I have a had good result (but no windows fan control) with just installing Armoury Crate, AND with installing AI Suite 3 after installing Armoury Crate. AI Suite 3 is good software I had it all working, but it does not allow to turn on virtualization and memory integrity for device security. I decided I need that more than windows fan control. 5.I used to think I need to install AI Suite first for the best system performance, not true anymore.

Still good info here #6 especially if you want to strip AI Suite 3 out all the way.

6. (EDITED twice) And more information on AI Suite 3.
There is a cleaner app for completely removing it on your Asus support page. To get the best results:

PAUSE windows updates FIRST. Just go to windows settings and windows updates and hit the pause button. You can come back and hit resume after this step 6 is complete.

Uninstall A.C. with the uninstall tool, uninstall AI Suite 3 from windows settings-Apps, Remove Aura device drivers with device manager or with driver store explorer. For example I have 2 drivers that must be removed rogkb.inf and rogms.inf as seen with driver store explorer. Reboot then run the AI Sute 3 Cleaner. Run AI Sute 3 Cleaner a second time to make sure everything is removed.

7. This doesn't take long to do. With A.C uninstalled and AI Suite 3 uninstalled use windows troubleshooter to make sure things are ok. Open the windows control panel-Troubleshooting. Run the following troubleshooters:
a. Windows Update troubleshooter
b. Search and Indexing troubleshooter - select the option files and folders are not showing
c. Power troubleshooter
d. System maintenance troubleshooter
e. Windows store apps troubleshooter
f. Restart the computer

8. How is your network connection? If you have less than reliable network 100% of the time it is probably worth your time to investigate and correct.

*Probably not necessary, probably, but I dont like having multiple identical entries in my firewall rules and I have reinstalled AC many times.
9. Remove the few firewall entries that the A.C. uninstaller left. This is not difficult. Control Panel or search for Windows Defender Firewall. Open it, select Advanced settings, then select inbound rules. Remove the following entries should be near the top:
a. ArmouryHtmlDebugger
b. ArmourySocketServer
c. FrameworkService

10. Run the windows Disk Cleanup as Administrator and select temporary file categories

11. Recompile .NET. Use Windows System Maintenance under Control Panel, Security and Maintenance, Start Maintenance. Or if you are in a hurry:

a. Open 2 administrator command prompts
b. In one of them execute these two commands
i. CD C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319
ii. ngen executequeueditems
c. In the other command prompt execute these
i. CD C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319
ii. ngen executequeueditems
d. Go back to first command prompt and execute
i. ngen update
e. In the second command prompt execute
i. ngen update

*THIS IS NO LONGER CONSIDERED A BIG HELP. I have not had to resort to this in quite some time now, there are better solutions. 12. Just for the purposes of installing software, temporarily disable windows prefetching. This may make a big difference for you and is definitely worth trying. Use windows registry editor and go here
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters
Note the current setting for the value called EnablePrefetcher. Change it to zero and restart the system. After all installation and updates of A.C. are done put it back to original setting and restart again.

13. If you are still having trouble, uninstall everything again and follow these steps

a. In an Adminstrator command prompt execute: DISM /ONLINE /CLEANUP-IMAGE /RESTOREHEALTH
b. RESTART the computer.
c. In an Adminstrator command prompt execute: SFC /SCANNOW
d. In the same Admin command prompt execute: CHKDSK /X /F - answer yes and reboot.

14. You can run the installer a second or even third time to get past the internet connection failure, without running the uninstaller again.

15. There are also drivers installed by windows update for some (all?) Aura devices that can be removed just from device manager or by using driver store explorer. I refer to Keyboard drivers, mouse drivers etc. Edited: I think this is only necessary if you have also used AI Suite 3 at some time.

Hope it helps someone. Feel free to post your suggestions or questions to this thread.

Hey Jimbo,

I reinstalled Armoury Crate the other day as I thought I messed up my mouse settings, turns out it was in game settings. Anyway, using the uninstall tool and reinstalling, the first time it failed and said to check my internet connection.

I ran the installer a second time and it installed fine.

Step 13 was all I needed to do.

Nate152 wrote:
Hey Jimbo,

I reinstalled Armoury Crate the other day as I thought I messed up my mouse settings, turns out it was in game settings. Anyway, the first time it failed and said to check my internet connection.

I just ran the installer again and it installed fine.

Step 13 was all I needed to do.

Hi Nate,

So I am nothing if not completely thorough with these posts for the cases that need it, lol. In my case I actually needed to do more to get to nirvana.

I had to add step 1a. Almost left it out.

One more detail relating to AI Suite 3. If you never used it then this does not apply.

In order to get a full uninstallation of AsusFanControl and AXSP with the AI Suite 3 Cleaner, you will have to remove the device drivers that windows installed for the AURA sync devices. In other words, if you have a ROG mouse driver or any other Asus Aura device driver this needs to be uninstalled so that the Cleaner does not think Armoury Crate is still installed. Otherwise, the AsusFancontrolService and AXSP are not removed.

added a note about using the uninstaller and re-installing (standard ASUS recommended procedure) before using this thread.

Added: the need to pause windows updates when uninstalling AI Suite 3.

Polished up the OP, that should about do it.

If the steps in the OP do not help, I'd recommend running hardware diagnostics/memtest86 tests, if solid then reinstall windows.

Level 10
Very nicely done mate, good instructions. I suffer from device page error 2005/2006 in AC so I used this method, at the very least it fixed an issue I was having with AISuite3, (GPU wasn't showing) and AC uninstalls and reinstalls fine (reinstall only in the second attempt, first attempts are always ending up with internet 101 error) AC is fully functional with the exception of getting into the device pages.

One caveat though, deleting the .inf files of input devices from DriverStoreExplorer had some unexpected side effects. Reinstalling the Armoury Crate didn't reinstall these drivers back. So when all said and done with the Armoury Crate installation, I went and did a driver scan with both Windows Update and Driver Booster. The latter installed the drivers back on along with ROG Armoury II software.