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Armoury Crate install issue

Level 7
Greetings, I am hoping you can help me with a problem or direct me to the right place as I am new to the forum.
On December 3 I contacted ASUS support for help with an issue where the Armoury Crate installer is not working.
On the 5th I received an email saying they were working on it and on the 8th I had an email from Anthony at ServiceCentre_AU with the service number U2012001893,
He just gave me two links about downloading Armoury Crate which I had already found myself as anyone would have.
I replied telling him that and he then passed the buck saying “As the issue still persists, please report it on the ROG Forum - ASUS Software by providing the information required below:”
I gathered all the information as requested and registered for the forums on the 9th.
There was a reply and welcome to the forums on the 11th but they were not activated until the 17th.
The same day I posted in the ASUS Software forum as requested with the title Problem installing Armoury Crate.
It is now the 19th and when I last looked it had 79 views but no answers.
So after over two weeks I am no further ahead.
Fortunately it is a cosmetic issue and my computer is still running but it could easily have been a serious issue.
I would appreciate any help or guidance you can give.

Level 7
I was disappointed no one replied to my post but eventually I fixed the issue and wanted to add it here in case anyone has the same problem.
After being referred to this forum by ASUS support and getting no help I went back to ASUS and eventually was given a list of items to uninstall.
Most were not installed as I had already told ASUS but one item was, ASUS AI Suite.
I uninstalled this using Revo Uninstaller Pro and then installed Armoury Crate also using Revo Uninstaller.
This time everything went through okay and Armoury Crate is up and running.
I hope this may help someone in the future.