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armoury crate + g.skill = rgb software hell

Level 9
2% cpu usage and random color flash on random stick that only happens with armoury crate, unless i force install rgb drivers from g skill them self however then i have 4% cpu usage.
not only that when first installed i get this amazing rainbow effect aplied <----- this is how it should look
But when i have to re apply rainbow effect cos my fans obviously do not have 120 leds it starts looking like this
While my fans look perfectly fine my memory does not. <---- this is not how it should look like.

Please fix armoury crate im already hating i cannot customise rgb effect per ram stick or per strip let alone per fan, but least let me control how rainbow is present on my memory sticks, you can clearly see here it is possible to adress it differently however armoury crate has to be broken almost all the time, and it is seriously starting to take its toll making me consider to buy rgb controller that is not controlled by software and instead by hardware
Im tired of rgb software hell

Further wanna add if i install trident z 1.00.18 software my ram sticks start showing up again in aura creator altho i get extra cpu usage.

Upon doing some research i found out old aura sync has more customisations options then armoury crate, can this be fixed please thanks, just allow each invidual rgb device to be configured in speed and direction, so in case of 4 rgb memory sticks each 1 can be configured differently.

Aura creator allows you to setup per ram stick to but has no options for direction for rainbow effect, so the only way to make rgb effect run out of sync is 1 very long 5 minute 30 sec profile that will glitch every 5 minute and 30 seconds cos its not made to perfectly loop, cos options to set animation speed are simply missing.

Strip sizes are inconsistent with effects rainbow scales the same in aura creator with strip size 21 as strip size 42 with rainbow effect set inside armoury crate instead of aura creator.