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Armoury Crate, Freezes the PC

Level 7

My motherboard is a B550M Plus WIFI II, with latest Bios, newly formatted system, which already excludes these possible causes

my pc simply freezes randomly and i need to force shutdown, this is the only way to reset and use the pc until the next freeze, i did all the tests involving the system, as memory test (5h long testing)  CPU Stress, GPU Stress, none issue occurred with the hardware.

the pc only stop freezing when I unnistal the program, that is, I can't use the rgb controls because I simply don't know when the pc will freeze, clearly the problem is directly linked to Armory Crate, just unnistall and the problem stops, I have an Asus Motherboard and I can't use Asus' own program.

if someone knows a way to use the software without freezing the pc, i want to know.



Level 8

I have the same problem. Specs:
Ryzen 5600 - Asus ROG Strix E Gaming Wifi II - Radeon 6600xt

I had constant freezes, basically daily. I tried drivers, uninstalled a ton of software, stopped running stuff in the background (Spotify, Discord, clients/launchers, etc), nothing worked. Then I uninstalled Armoury Crate. Bang, the issue totally disappeared, haven't had a single freeze, and its been almost a week now. The sad part is I am unable to control the RGB or fan speed via the motherboard. Wish Asus could fix this for us.

Level 7

After upgrading, same problem