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Armoury Crate forgets RGB Settings - How to fix permanently?

Level 8

Why does Armoury Crate ALWAYS discard my saved lighting preferences?
It might be a week, it might be a month or it might be several months but inevitably, out of the blue, for no reason whatsoever Armoury Crate just decides its had enough of my simple, static lighting setup and throws a bunch of ridiculous rainbows and cycling nonsensical light patterns at me.
It. Never. Fails. Like a bad rash that refuses to go away. It also affects the dark mode when the PC is shut off. Just wipes out my settings and gives me some rando BS that I do not want.
This is just a PSA for Asus to let you know how much I STILL dislike Armoury Crate.
FYI: Every time I have to go back into that thing I'm going to come back and rant just to remind you. Show me one post where someone actually says 'I love it and can't live without it' .. does not exist. Fix it or ditch it.
PS: It would also be nice to have my Wireless Gladius II mouse show a real, actual charge percentage instead of topping out at 75%. 


Level 8

I have the same issue. I opened my computer today and out of the blue, it winks red light and I updated everything, restarted the computer and arranged my all lightning setting by resetting but it stills intermittently gives red light like a traffic light. The unstability of these things kill me and I'll seriously never ever buy these kinda bull******. It's my mistake to not buy macbook. I'm really regretful. I invested 5k into this and the result is pathetic.