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Armoury Crate Fix

Level 8
Hi everyone.
I faced, like others on this forum, a huge problem with last update. I tryed many times to reinstall AC, but every time something went wrong and the program crashed again.
So I found a solution.
First, you have to download software from those links:
AC installer
AC Full package
AC uninstall tool
There are steps that I followed.
1) Unzip and run AC uninstall tool with admin rights (this is very important, because if you didn't, some services won't be disabled and deleted)
2) When uninstall completed, push restart later (because you have to delete some folders and files inside manualy)
3) Delete folders "ASUS" from this folders: C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local, C:\Program Files, C:\Program Files (x86) and C:\ProgramData (if something is stuck, call the task manager and kill the processes that don't allow files to be deleted)
4) Restart your system.
5) Run regedit and delete all folders which you can find with "Asus", "Armoury" and "Aura"
6) Restart your system again (now you've got a system like you never installed AC)
7) Run AC Full package with admin rights and select all devices you have (it's important, because the installation package needs to understand which components it should install first)
😎 We start the installation, the program asks to install AC, press start (I don't know why it asks, but ok)
9) During the installation program will open another AC installation window
10) Next it show you thah something goes wrong - calm down, it's ok, just wait till new window finished (something like this 97321)
11) After the installation is completed in the new window, click "Close" and restart the system again.
Now you have only first part of AC without Aura Creator.
12) Run AC, accept all terms of the agreement and close window.
13) Run AC installer (not full package) and select what you want to install (yes, you have already installed the full package, but there are a few files that are missing in the full package installer, only in the normal installer)
14) Ater installation run AC, accept all terms of the agreement and close window.
15) Reboot the system and you should have a fully working AC without any problems.
I hope I helped someone solve a problem with this terrible software.
All the best

Level 7

AISuite3_3.00.13 you INSTALL end go stop avtostart ! next go install Armoury_Crate