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Armoury Crate Feedback and it's Future

Level 8

I've been using ASUS's products for roughly 5 years and so far the components I've implemented into my desktop builds have been great. Inherently, I've been using Armoury Crate to configure my builds as well. Within Armoury Crate there are great features that I appreciate such as Aura Sync, Aura Sync Creator, Fan Expert, and control over my ROG Ryujin pump, fans, and display. 

One of the things that has continued to bother me about Armoury Crate is the number of tabs that I would consider "bloatware" that I have no intention of ever using. As it stands, Armoury Crate is the most resource intensive application at idle when I'm just sitting on the desktop. It seems obvious that there should be some modularity built into Armoury Crate to facilitate the core functionality that ASUS customers want and to cater to users who want a lesser impact on system recourses.

My question moving forward is if there are any plans to either make a more modular version of Armoury Crate or to make a more sleek and slimmed down version of Armoury Crate?

I have enjoyed implementing ASUS products, but moving forward with future builds Armoury Crate may be a sticking point in my future purchases.