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Armoury Crate - Fan Xpert error (S-1001)

Level 9

I posted a reddit thread about this as well, everyone that responded with the same issues all had the same motherboard: ROG Z690 Extreme (Glacial)

"I'm encountering an issue when trying to enter Fan Xpert in Armoury Crate,

Error (S-1001)

(Translated) - There's an error on the units side. The program will now reload the units page again. (S-1001)

I've tried reinstalling armoury crate, done the repair etc"

Armoury Crate App Version




Level 8

Same error but with Asus ROG Crosshair X670X Extreme.

BIOS 1602.

Armoury Crate

Level 7

same promblem !!!!! after clean the Q fan set was temply solved,but stay 5hours ,same promblem happend x670e extreme BIOS ver.1602 

AC ver.   plz fix this, my fan get so annoing

Level 7

Same problem with Asus ROG Crosshair X670X Extreme since this week.

BIOS ver.1415
App version

Please fix as soon as possible

Level 7


mother board : rog maximus z690 extreme

bios ver 2703

Level 7

Reporting the same problem with X670E

Level 8

I also have a crosshair x670eExtreme bios 1709 and  ac vs. still has the fanexpert error s-1001. i have reinstalled ac, restarted pc, done a windows reinstall. 

Level 7

También tengo placa base Rog Maximus Z690 Extreme Glacial

 BIOS 2802

 Versión Armoury, y tampoco puedo controlar  ventiladores ni bombas de agua, y el mismo error S1001


Level 8

I also regret spending so much money on Z690 Extreme, same problem over and over again....

Same problem with my Extreme Z790.

Up till last week all worked ok. As always out of no where, with no warning this part of the AC stops working.
This happens over and over again and its AC not our hardware nor our Windows or Windows updates.

It is VERY VERY Frustrating but they , ASUS, has covered their behinds with all in the fine prints.

It is because the IMHO Software Engineers think they can just use one file , to make it fit for ALL Boards.
Sure if you know how to write software its not an issue, but we all know ......... these SW Engineers seem to be far from that.

Such a shame as when it worked fine it is wonderful.  Just wish they would stop breaking it every time over and over.
Would be nice if one would be able to CHOOSE to allow an update and even better be able to reverse an update to a previous working update.   One can dream right ? tssssssssssssssssss