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Armoury crate devs, the app works on virtualbox but needs more optimization for controlling the host

Level 7

VirtualBox_Windows 11_14_09_2023_06_57_32.png

the app works in virtual box but however my device which i mainly want to customize it(Strix LC II 360 fan speed) is not showing in Armoury crate and i hope you will figure out how to make the app to detect it(see usb device config of virtual on the bottom right, i am unsure of which device is AIO and whether the mount will actual work ? or even worse, create problems ? so i haven't took the risk of testing it)

I use 

Motherboard : ROG STRIX x299E-Gaming II motherboard LGA 2066 socket for processor Intel 9960x which i purposefully got it to just run Win 8.1 as skylake is last to support win 8.1 without modifications.

Cooler : ROG Strix LC II 360

GPU : Asus GeForce RTX 2060 6GB DUAL EVO


RAM : Silicon Power XPOWER Zenith DDR4 32GB 3200MHz PC4-25600 CL16 1.35V 288-Pin UDIMM Gaming Desktop PC Computer RAM Memory Module(8GBx4)

Chassis : ROG STRIX Helios

Keyboard : Razer Cynosa V2

Mouse : Dell wired + ASUS MW203 Wireless


*this is temp photo, i will post a better perspective in the form of video later...

As you can this is mostly an full ASUS ROG Build.... For the Most Part, i dont need Armoury Crate as im not really into Lighting customizations.... JUST using the BIOS and turning on Stealth mode turns off most of the lighting essentially leaving out the ROG logo lighting which i really like, i am also using S4+S5 Erp so lights remained off while pc is in shutdown state... the only concern is that rog logo on the motherboard could have also be lighten up while stealth mode is set.....but not much of a problem, AIO ROG logo covers up this flaw

So for the lighting part, im happy with what i have and also for the chassis lights, there is dedicated switch on the chassis to control lights and i use dark mode to keep the lights of the chassis to be off... And as for 4 fans of the chassis, there is a fan speed control switch as well....where i can set to high speed if wanted....but it changes to low speed after shutdown/PC turn on.... i still havent discovered whether that fan feature of chassis is more sort of smart feature like fan automatically gets into high speed during high load scenarios where the motherboard takes control of the chassis ? i dont know but as long as my cpu is 38c and GPU is consistently between 35 and 39c, i stopped thinking about the reason why chassis is doing that...



Performance and Cooling works effective because im on windows 8.1 (The OS Gives full control, see the amount of windows process which are running)


There are total of 9 fans in my chassis : 4 from helios, 2 on GPU and 3 on AIO

I can control 4 of Helios fans using chassis button and 2 of GPU fans using GPUTweakII.... But im unable to control the fan speed of AIO... although temps stay around 38c to 39c consistently during use, i want to see whether it can be lowered further.... i mainly found the need because im upset about how you decided 55c as an ideal temperature for GPU...

Screenshot Capture - 2023-09-14 - 07-57-13.png

Because 35 to 43c is only ideal... so i was thinking whether you would have done the same mistake for AIO aswell by capping it under 38c ...

im mainly tempted to install software because i also want my motherboard oled showing CPU temps to be like 31c or something lower

current scenario for me : Same as this user, i guess he is also not using any software

Screenshot Capture - 2023-09-14 - 08-18-33.png

what i want

Screenshot Capture - 2023-09-14 - 08-19-29.pngScreenshot Capture - 2023-09-14 - 08-19-05.png



its so exciting to see this and although i think 38c is cool and perfect which Current AIO achieves without any use of softwares....i think it would be even more cool to see temps at 31c or something lower....i hope you will help in unleashing the full potential of LCII 360 by making a dedicated software like GPUTweak where the software can be named as ROG Fan Control where this ROG Fan Control can mainly helps users to control AIO coolers fan speeds and also the ROG Chassis fans if possible.... But even its not for chassis, atleast make it for AIO cooler doesn't have to fancy ui or lot of features... you can keep it simple.... Let the windows 8.1 and windows 7 who are unable to acquire Armoury crate get these little things and be happy about it...I hope you'll do something about it if you have the options of offering what i ask and reconsider about being nice with win 8.1 by offering the fan control for win 8.1 because its great)

You'll be blessed, thanks