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Armoury Crate causing Win 11 to freeze. After deinstall a installation not possible

Level 7
today I had issues that Windows 11 did start zu freeze after windows login. I figured out that the problem was the Software "asus armoury crate". The software was l up to date! Uninstallation was not possible because the system starts to freeze after login so I had to start windows in recovery mode. Deinstallation was also impossible there. I deleted the Asus Armoury folders and rebooted the system. After therebood I was abel to remove the software with the "Armoury Crate Uninstall Tool V2.1.3.0". Windows 11 was stable. After a new reboot I tried to install "Armoury Crate" again, but every time I get the error "installation failed. Please restart the system and check the internet connection status before retrying. 504".

Any ideas?

Level 7
I was able to fix the Problem.

1. First I deinstalled all other Asus Software.
2. I deleted the folders under:

C:\Program Files\ASUS
and specially to delete everything under
C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS

was importent. There was also still running a asus service which I had to kill before I was able to delete all folders.
After a reboot, I tried to install again and it worked.

omg what a bad software.
I was now able to install this "Armoury Crate" ****. But now he only finds my RGB RAM but not the Mainboard.
Also I can not install "asus ai suite 3". I get an asio3.sys error.

Deinstalled everything. Installed the Chipset driver new and the Armoury Crate Software.
Not working! I'm still only able to set the color of the RAM but not everything else on the Motherboard.
My Board Asus ROG Crossair VIII Formula is not found.
Also it is not possible to install AI Suite 3.

This is so disapointing. I will never buy an Asus Motherboard anymore