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Armoury Crate Aura Sync for Gladius II (Wired) - No Addressable lights

Level 7
Love the Aura Sync within the Armoury Crate software! I have 8 devices synced up to it (not to mention the 7 devices being controlled from the ARGB header on my X570 Strix. Being able to sync all devices up to the same effect instantly is so handy!

However, the only downside to this is my ROG Gladius II refuses to use it's individually addressable pixels in the under-glow section when used with Aura Sync. Putting on any addressable effect (Rainbow, Starry Night, Music, etc) within Aura Sync makes the entire underside of my ROG Gladius II act as a single pixel instead of the addressable effects possible.

When I specifically set the lighting effect for just the Gladius II within it's own settings to one of the addressable effects (Rainbow, Comet, etc) the underside lighting acts like the many individual pixels it has (scrolls the rainbow pattern around the entire outside) as it should. But having to individually set the Gladius II to match the same lighting pattern as the Aura Sync just to maximize it's potential is annoying and not how it should behave I believe.

Is there a fix for this, or would it be possible for the Aura Sync driver for the Gladius II to be updated to fix this issue?