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Armoury Crate audio tab's equalizer doesn't work (Can't use surround sound, nor bass boost)

Level 8

So basically after the latest update to the armoury crate and to my headphone drivers, my ASUS TUF GAMING H1's audio quality gone down so much that its almost unusable, I found that for some reason a new setting was turned on in windows after the update. Turning this off fixed the poor audio quality, BUT it did not fix the fact that i'm unable to use the equalizer part of the armoury. Virtual Surround on/off doesn't change anything, the bass booster doesn't change the bass level, and the reverb doesn't add reverb to the sound.
Here's everything I tried so far but didn't work:

-Reinstalling armoury crate and all of the drivers I had
-Reinstalling only the headphone drivers
-Deleting Armoury Crate and the headphone data from the registry
-Plugged it into a different never before used USB
-Restarting the headset and plugin in and out the dongle
-Reverting the Armoury Crate and Headphone drivers to an older version


Accepted Solutions

Level 8

I'm using Rog Delta S Animate and new update released. My problem is solved. Everything is fine now.

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Level 7

its happened to me too

who knows how to fix it ?

Level 8

I am using Delta S but having a same issue after updating ASUS Framework through Armoury Crate on 2024/1/5. 

Deleting the Crate using the uninstall tool that ASUS uploaded and reinstalled it didn’t fixed the problem either. 

I am pretty sure there was a major tech glitch in the latest Armoury Crate updates since my system has not been changed at all except those updates.


Please share your experience if you have solved it by any chance.

Level 8

What Windows setting did you change to somewhat fix the issue? I, and apparently tons of others are having the same exact issue.

After the update, in windows sounds settings (Right-click on the volume icon in the bottom right corner) if you go to your headphone settings, on the advanced tab, windows automatically turned on this feature called signal enchancements. Turning this off fixed the poor audio quality.




This is only needed if you have poor audio quality after the update (if not than turning this on/off might not do anything)


Thank you this seems to have fixed the audio quality issue for me.  Bass boost and EQ still don't seem to do anything.

mine as well

Level 7

Same issue, just bought delta s wireless and equilazer and bass boost doesn't work Ata all. 

Level 8

Same problem here after latest update.  Please Fix ASAP ASUS!!!!

Level 7

Me too, I thought the headphones were broken, but it turned out to be a software problem !