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Armoury Crate & ROG Aura Terminal & ROG Crosshair VIII Formula does it work?

Level 7

i have a ROG Crosshair VIII Formula motherboard and the ROG Aura Terminal.
the ROG Aura Terminal is connected directly to the rear USB Port on my motherboard (no USB-Hub in between).
the ROG AURA Terminal controls 4 addressable LED strips on the back of my 32" monitor.
the bios of the motherboard is the newest 3501 beta version date 2021/04/13.
my os is Windows 10 Pro 20H2 build 19042.964
at the moment i use only AURA SYNC 1.07.84 because it works and detects Motherboard, DRAM, ADD STRIP and TERMINAL.
i have tried to use Armoury Crate v3.0.11.0 but no luck, it wouldn't detect the ROG Aura Terminal.
maybe it was because i was using a USB-Hub between the motherboard and the terminal?
now i'm connecting the Terminal directly with a USB-cable.
my whole rgb setup is static red.

now my question is, is the ROG aura terminal and the ROG Crosshair VIII Formula fully supported in Armoury Crate v3.0.11.0 ???
and what is the best way or secret to install a working Armoury Crate?
do i have to clear something in the bios before install of armoury crate or reinstall windows?
will the ROG Terminal work with Armoury Crate?
should i better try the microsoft store Armoury Crate version, is it better working?

i would really like to use Armoury Crate because it's the only way i could control the ASUS LiveDash OLED display on the motherboard.

please help.


Level 7

sad. really sad. once it was a 800 euros board!
imagine that, how expensive it was.
and livedash oled display is a part of this board.
and you can't control it because the software is crap just like the idiot programers.
how can it be that hardware (ROG Aura Terminal & ROG Crosshair VIII Formula) from the same manufacturer isn't compatible or no longer supported.
i always thought NZXT CAM software was the biggest trash but now it's ASUS and their ARMOURY CRATE and AURA crap.
i was before using AiO for cpu cooling and because of this NZXT CAM software i changed to full custom water cooling.
so bad was this software.
and now ASUS is doing the same thing and following the same path.
now it's time for a change again.
i always bought ASUS motherboards, but now no longer.
i will change to another firm. a company with real skilled programers, not some bum student from india.

Level 7

Finally after days i found the solution how to have armoury crate fully working on the rog crosshair formula motherboard.
first go into your uefi bios and enable Tool->ASUS Armoury Crate->Download & Install ARMOURY CRATE app->Enabled
also make sure AURA is ON (F4) in your bios.
and check
Advanced->Onboard Devices Configuration->RGB LED lighting->When system is in working state->All On
Advanced->Onboard Devices Configuration->RGB LED lighting->When system is in sleep, hibernate or soft off states->All On
then F10 save and exit.

all i had to do was to completly reinstall windows 10.
there was no other way around, Armoury Crate Uninstall Tool v1.1.4.0 wasn't uninstalling anything.
and armoury crate is uninstallable. there is always something left on the system.
after windows 10 installation and after the first windows start do not install any drivers or windows updates!
just let it sit there.
this was the most important step. i repeat after windows 10 has installed itself from your media creation usb stick, do not install any drivers or windows updates.
now in the right lower corner a small window will pop up and ask if you want to install armoury crate app.
confirm with yes.
if no windows pops up, then install manually ArmouryCrateInstaller v3.0.11.0.exe ( with admin rights .
wait for the installation to complete.
it can take very long. 10> minutes and more.
at 55% it will look like its stuck, then your rgb lights will start to flicker and change colors.
then it will complete 100% installation.
now reboot.
and everything should work.

p.s. it even works on dual boot with two windows 10 installations and on raid 0 nmve config.
i guess the problem is some other driver (usb?) either from windows update or your mobo driver folder was blocking the successfull armoury crate installation.
one more thing. connect the aura rog terminal only directly with a usb cable to the rear usb port of your motherboard.
do not use a usb-hub.


p.s. @ASUS pls do not make aura rog terminal eol only if you want to make a aura rog terminal v2. believe me many customers need a device like the terminal to control their led strips at example behind the monitor.

Level 7
Pro tip. I tell Windows that I dont have an internet connection during setup and I dont have to use a password to gewt into Windows.

Pro tip. I tell Windows that I dont have an internet connection during setup and I dont have to use a password to gewt into Windows.

May be good for you but not recommended in the least with hacking at an all time high. Someone can remote boot your PC if its plugged in and get in there and do whatever they want.

Level 13
the terminal will get a update soon. will be limited, but will be the last. I have no dates for now , and that is the only thing that i can say for now.

on the wifi/network on windows install is a know issues since day 1 on z590 deployment to markets. sadly is on MS side more than asus since MS need to add these on the os install. Once you finish the windows install in offline account and Ac pop up and network will pop up in a few seconds after that giving basic Ethernet control so you can install Ac. you can use the drivers. I do and work perfect. the audio is different so is up to you if you want to use the forums drivers or the oem board drivers that is supply on AC.

the old app is EOL and soon, more and more will be out. and I am sorry to say, the old app will not return, in words that are nice to write. the app WILL NOT return.
Learn, Play Enjoy!