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Armoury crate always crashing on first startup after boot

Level 8

Hello All,

I want to report an issue with armoury crate always crashing on first start after system bootup:

Screenshot 2023-10-27 162004.png

Issue is always same and always related to Windows.UI.Xaml.dll

My PC is a ROG laptop from 2022, precisely G713RW
Issue still happen after uninstall/install of armoury crate
Issue is still persisten after system restore
Issue is NOT present on armoury crate (i reinstalled full app from Asus website)


Please have a look into it and release a new update.


Level 8

Same issue. Same laptop. Now I'm going to install the old version. It gives me a blue screen because of the video card, does it happen to you? When I turn on the laptop when the gpu mode is in optimized mode, it gives a blue screen when I connect it to the power.

I had a BSOD too, but i don't remember in which mode and/or conditions. Right after i checked the minidump and opted for DDU + clean install of drivers + GeForce Experience.

I hope Asus will address these issues ASAP.

Level 8

I don't understand how Asus can break something with every update. Every time I get an update, I think "what's broken this time?".

Level 10

I am having the same issue on my Rog Strix G16, (2023) laptop.

Armoury Crate crash.png

Level 7

I am having the same issue on my 2022 TUF Dash F15. Armoury Crate crashes on first launch even though it is running in the background already at launch.

I have also been having random reboots (error 41) while my laptop is sleeping. Updating bios to 318 did not resolve either of these issues. 

Level 8

G814JV same issue. AC crashing on first start.

Level 8

There is a new update. I rebooted after installing it and there was no problem, but I'm not sure.

Just downloaded it, i will test it for few days and provide my feedback here.
Thanks for the head up!

Level 7

Same on the g814jz. App freezes at AC logo and crashes at every startup. My cpu(13980hx) has also lost about 15-20% performance according to benchmarks. Returned 2 laptops because of it, and all of them had the exact same problems with identical scores, so it’s definitely a software issue. So broken