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Armoury Crate is broken along with the Aura Creator update with it

Level 11
Never had this one before, but after updating today with the updates that were found I'm having major problems even after using the uninstall tool and reinstalling. First, Aura Creator for some reason no longer sees my Gskill RAM (Armoury crate did before and after the reinstall) but a bigger problem is now that the only preset I can use in regular armoury crate is the solid color option. Any other option (rainbow, color cycle, etc) causes the ARGB header that the Phanteks ARGB hub from my case is plugged into to stop displaying any lighting at all. This has worked with no issues in the past. My only other thought is I just installed the 4004 BIOS for my Crosshair VIII Hero (non-wifi) and it also updated some lighting stuff during the install. This is pretty stupid if a BIOS update broke their own lighting software.

Level 7
It's the bios update. Only thing I can do now is single colors. Any sort of animated colors is borked. Tried reinstalling armoury crate and no joy.

For me its the only thing I changed. I have the same issue only solid colors. All dynamic effects don't work.
I also tried with OpenRGB.
When the bios updated it also did an aura firmware update. Looks like the aura firmware update broke everything.