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Armoury Crate EMPTY SCREEN / Not Responding

Level 8
I downloaded the app from the ASUS website and installed it.

I've done this multiple times using the Armoury Crate Uninstall Tool tool with the same results.

Does anyone have any idea(s)?


Level 7

I had the same issue, and it seems like if you have any onscreen hooking software running in the background it blocks the process. 

Try exiting any software like that, and try again. For me exiting Rivatuner fixed the issue. 

Level 7

I have the same issue, I’m tired, every time armoury create finds a new way to broke itself and every time I request for assistance the only thing that I hear is "try to reinstall" 
it’s the first thing I do when restart the pc and reset settings can’t fix the new problem, now it started with "can't open asio3.sys" one random day, I reinstall armoury Create and now all I see is a blank dark screen with no options or the same warning "can't open asio3.sys" I’m just so F/// tired of this and the same response "Try to reinstall and that will fix the issue" every time take many hours to find a solution because support just says the same phrase and then stops responces , what about fix the software before the release to not need to give the same repetitive response to every user with a problem with the software.

not working... again, now  with an empty pagenot working... again, now with an empty page

and yes, ROGLive service is running



All this captures were taken after a fresh reinstall


Level 7

Same here, is there a normal solution without reinstalling windows? Bcs that is simply not acceptable!

Level 7

I have the same problem. I set up a new computer, the asio3.sys started giving me an error, I uninstalled it and it no longer worked. Then I reinstalled armory several times and nothing, it doesn't work anymore.

Level 7

same here

Level 9

I had the same issue. Disabling OSD software did the trick. Thanks for the suggestion FuryJK98.

It used to work properly with them on however, and I hope they fix it in the next update or something.

Level 9

It updated to the last version but now it doesn't show my ROG STRIX Z690-A D4 motherboard in the sync menu.

Level 9

Nevermind, it needed update on all my components again. Works like a charm now. EVEN with the OSD software now! Weird!

What OSD software? Name it

I use MSI AfterBurner and RivaTuner. When I shut them down, the Crate loaded properly and updated. Works ever since even with them running.