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Armour Crate Update required

Level 9

I can not install this freaking update. It keeps failing with 0xa0100007 and yes I tried the uninstaller multiple times.

No Asus, I will not reset my personal PC to try and work around problems that you should have fixed years and years and years ago.

And no, I dont have a log for you, it literally wont create one since Im getting these pushup notifications to install the update.

And Update mind you that I need to install in order to use the software because you are locking me out of my purchased hardware by your mandatory requirements. This happens for years now. And you keep blaming your userbase and deny any responsibility on your own end even though its crystal clear that it it your fault and your fault alone.






it worked thanks a lot 

Thank you so much, i did all the above uninstall, reboot, full install package, update etc, uinstalled again, small install, update etc, kept getting thge 0ax0010007 error. Now i never check windows store apps. but glas you did mention this, as there eventually were Asus updates listed after i clicked on Update All.

Worked for me 2!

I can confirm that this solution works.

thanks man! it works! i still have an issue with the HAL update ver. as i can't install the update and having a error code 4152.

Have you encountered this error before?

@phongzee, no I haven't seen that error (at least not recently)...

Thank you ! It worked.

I don't see that in the microsoft store...