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Armour Crate Update required

Level 9

I can not install this freaking update. It keeps failing with 0xa0100007 and yes I tried the uninstaller multiple times.

No Asus, I will not reset my personal PC to try and work around problems that you should have fixed years and years and years ago.

And no, I dont have a log for you, it literally wont create one since Im getting these pushup notifications to install the update.

And Update mind you that I need to install in order to use the software because you are locking me out of my purchased hardware by your mandatory requirements. This happens for years now. And you keep blaming your userbase and deny any responsibility on your own end even though its crystal clear that it it your fault and your fault alone.


Level 8

It would be nice if they the latest update downloadable from their website. Not just the original app software. However, I am not sure if this would run into problems or not as well. I was having a similar problem with a Windows 11 update yesterday (I think similar sort of code error). Then today that was fixed. Sometimes it can be one line of coding that stuffs the whole update up. Hopefully, it's fixed soon. As the coding seems to work for some configurations (ie their laptops) and not others. 

same here, update fails, windows 10 22h2, rog crosshair viii extreme, rog 3090 ti, rog clavis, rog ryujin ii 360, rog thor, rog helios, worst software I've ever HAD to run, it seems half the time there is an update there is a problem, I'm going to have to switch to vendors for my next build..

Level 8

They have now fixed the update