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Armory Create // Log files question and separate device configuration

Level 8

Hi, I noticed that AC installed a folder on the root directory of C: named "MainSDK" that is being recreated every time I reboot. This folder contains of two: SDK and ArmourySwAgent(empty). In SDK folder there are several log files.
In AC software I never enabled logging in settings. So what is this folder, сan I do something to remove it ? Or this folder need to be stay there ?

And can someone explain how can I un-sync one of my argb device(led-strip) and configure it separately from motherboard ?
When I un-sync led strip on aura sync tab, I can't open its settings, so led strip go with default effect (rainbow) and my MB go with effect that i set in Aura effect. The only way how I managed to do this: use AuraCreator