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Armory Crate: Request for Optional Updates

Level 8

This post is really more to start a discussion and dialogue to have updates for Armory Crate and/or Armory Crate managed hardware be OPTIONAL as opposed to required. 

Personally, I've had numerous issues with AC & component updates. I try to avoid them like the plague because nearly every time the updates result in a problem which triggers the obligatory tool uninstall, reinstall, reconfigure, etc. For some, the process to resolve is even more thorough. 

Nobody wants to deal with that in order to manage hardware that was, otherwise, working perfectly fine. I came here tonight because all I wanted to do was change a system color scheme but was forced into "updates" in order to even access any of the features of AC, which, in turn, triggered yet another problem. 

The only updates that should be required are any security patches, other than that give users the ability to review and accept to install an update. I really do like Asus hardware but Asus software is really getting to be a near deal breaker, it's that bad. Something a simple as letting us manage our own updates would be huge. In my case (and I'm sure others) I wouldn't have any issue at all tonight if I wasn't required to install updates that didn't do anything positive for me. 

For the love of all things make updates optional.