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Armory Crate Launch CMD options

Level 7

I just got the ROG Ally and really like the hardware. However, the software leaves a lot to be desired. I want to add games to the Game Library that send parameters to the EXE it launches with Launch CMD. Like when I launch Xenia, I want it to directly boot into Goldeneye without having to tap File and then click open and a bunch of annoying crap every time I want to play. If I add launch parameters to the Launch CMD, Xenia fails to open. It's only when I just have the EXE path in Launch CMD does it actually launch.


Level 7

I reverse engineered the launcher with IDA Pro and found it just uses CreateProcess with the parameters given, there's no way to talk to the shell. ASUS would have to add a 2nd option of text for the optional parameters CreateProcess takes. Anyway, I found this on GitHub: TWINGSISTER/Portable-App-Launcher: A simple Autoit program to call a whatnameyouwanto.bat from whatn...

It's basically an AutoIt script that loads a BAT file of the same EXE name. It's real easy to make a batch file create a process with parameters, just use "start C:\Location\Of\Executeable.exe" parameters_go_here"