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Armory Crate issues

Level 8


I had been running Armory Crate for several months and I started having issues with stuttering in task manager and Powershell taking up high cpu usage. At first I thought it may have been a virus or adware but nothing relevant was found.

I first started noticing it when CPU usage got up to 50% and a few different weeb pages would stutter when trying to type like Facebook and YouTube. I then ran various scanners and what not but nothing helped. I also ran some command line tools like sfc /scannow but nothing. Then a windows tech person tried helping me to see if I had a coin miner, so I ran a special tool for that and there was no coin miner. He did notice that lighting software was taking up a lot of Powershell CPU usage and told me to look into that and I did. I started noticing that when left unchecked the Powershell usage would keep going up with 2 times me noticing that it jumped to 70%.
I then found an alternative RGB controller in OpenRGB, I then uninstalled Armory Crate and used OpenRGB to control my MB RGB lights. Now every thing is working great and I've had no issues whatsoever with CPU usage. In addition, since I uninstalled Armory Crate, my idle CPU temps have dropped 10 degs and my CPU usage stays below 10% when just searching the web.
Armory Crate was the issue as many report on Reddit and everyone recommends finding an alternative.
The software seems it could be of great use but not with the issues it currently has.