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Armory Crate Has Become Worse Than iCUE

Level 9
I thought it was impossible but true.

To all those that say a reinstall of Windows is the only way to fix most AC issues is the worst advice one can give.

Especially when the uninstall tool is a joke like AC itself.

I ran into more issues again with AC, the unistaller did not clear everything out and AC kept giving me the same errors. No way in hell I was going to reinstall windows again becuase of AC.

I cleaneed out all registry settings, made sure all the services were deleted, services not attempting to be run and cleared out all Asus AC files.

It finally worked to get AC to install.

Of course, another issue popped up with the GameSDK Service not installing.

To the mods and everyone else telling people to reinstall windows, that is a joke and the worst advice that can be given.

I am going to work on a script to remove AC properly after I am get some food. Been at this crap all day which was nothing but a waste.

Please ASUS fix AC.

Asus hardware has been my go-to for so many years and the only ones I really trust at this point. Don't let ****ty softweare ruin it for you,

Put the time in to make it lean while working properly. Many of us do not care about some freaking virtual pet.

Level 9
At the moment Armoury Crate is trash!!!!

Level 8
It is a pile of excrement and it stinketh to high heaven. 3rd AC induced full rebuild for me in 3,2,1...

Am broken. Again.

Level 8
At this point AC needs to be rewritten from scratch as a native Win32 application and ditch UWP. Forever.

Level 8
It really is the most frustrating and amateurish piece of software I have ever come across.

Level 11
Armoury Crate somewhat works with ASUS products. If one wanted a dashboard, they could have installed AI Suite. All the bloatware is not required for RGB control.

Amoury Crate somewhat works with ASUS products. If one wanted to control 5V RGB or 12V RGB Aura Sync version 1.07.84_v2 works flawlessly, but one does not have control to change the OLED panel on some motherboards. Whereas this was a separate program on previous ASUS motherboards that is no longer available for newer motherboards.

However, the only reason I am using Armoury Crate and Aura Creator is that I have no control over motherboard OLED display or keyboard LED colors unless I use Armoury Crate and Aura Creator with all the bloatware.

Anyway, if motherboard OLED display or keyboard LED colors options were included in Aura Sync version 1.07.84_v2 or as a separate software program, I would not be using Armoury Crate or Aura Creator.

Community Admin
Community Admin
Please install version

I totally understand reinstalling Windows is a hassle and highly undesirable, but under certain circumstances it saves you time. Getting into the registry and spending time to troubleshoot can often result in more effort, problems and wasted time in the end (most people here have ridiculously powerful rigs capable of reinstalling Windows in less than 30 min). The mods do not know what you've done to the registry, whether your OC is stable, whether you had decided to delete important program files manually. This is precisely the reason why service centers (no matter which brand) will ask for your permission to reinstall. Asking whether you have done so is valuable info when trying to determine your issue. Perhaps you do have the expertise to play with the registry safely, but you must also know that for many - it's risky business.
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Did you ever reinstalled Windows? 
Yes, the process itself takes around 30 min. But the config after. You have to setup every program, and setting from 0. I have cloud saves, yes. But I have around a hundred open tabs in Chrome, and it doesn't save them. And all the other things, game saves, OBS settings, passwords, and logins in launchers. 
Because why? Because the software released by the hardware company I also trust the most, is a piece of trash. 
So yes, after 3-4 tries with Armory Crate, I'm watching my 3080ti and motherboard flashing in  default RGB, instead of matching my setup, because the tech giant can't write a software, what works. 
And now without Armory Crate, I am getting BSOD all the time, so I should install it again, to see what's what.
I checked all the software, MSI Afterburner, Intel CPU forgotthenameofthis, memtest in BIOS, and in windows, driver, and filesystem checks. Nothing worked. I should open a topic I think. 😄 
I don't want to use AC again..