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Armory Crate Detecting ingetgrated graphics, not GPU

Level 8

I recently built an AMD rig on the ROG Strix X670E-A Gaming motherboard. Rig runs great but I have one gremlin I am trying to address. My iCue software won't detect the Red Devil 6950XT I have installed. Going back to Armory crate it appears that the same problem exists. Temps, voltage, and Ghz of the "GPU" all reflect the onboard integrated graphics on my Rhyzen chip.

How do I get Armory crate to forget the ingetrated graphics on the processor and recognize the GPU??

I would really like to get this solved so that I can base my iCue fan curves on GPU temp instead of the CPU temp.



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That isn't an ROG, TUF, or ASUS graphics card... neither is iCUE.

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Correct. But Armory crate should correctly iddentify the GPU right? I am not trying to control lighting. Only get an read on temps etc

To my point, the CPU isn't ASUS either, but Armory crate is recognizing it giving temps speeds etc.

Careful with your logic there, @pharoh4269, or they may take away the CPU stats.  😂

But as far as I know, AC has never supported non-Asus video cards.  My EVGA branded 3090 isn't displayed, either.  And I'm honestly not sure I'd want AC poking at my GPU anyway, even if just to obtain stats.

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I appreciate the replies @RogScott and @MasterC . My initial reply was not meant to be flippant.

This will certainly help me understand, @RogScott on the information dashboard in Armory Crate what does your GPU clock, and memory clock read as? Do they show? Same question under the temperature tab is your GPU temp reported, and if so is it accurate to your Nvidia measures? 

Mine read: GPU clock of 600 MHz with a memory speed of 5200 MHz (these are the numbers for the integrated graphics and my RAM) with a temp of 35.5c (again processor temp). 

Some how the Armory Crate is reporting information about what it thinks is the GPU. 




The Dashboard is reporting data from the Motherboard and Processor.  Look just to the right of the title "Dashboard" at the top, and you'll see that it lists your motherboard and processor there.  The integrated GPU is part of (i.e., an integral part of) your Rhyzen chip, so AC is reporting it as part of the Rhyzen processor activity it is reporting.

AC doesn't support stat reporting for non-ASUS discrete GPU cards.  Many good alternatives exist for monitoring discrete GPUs, such as Afterburner, HWInfo64, AIDA64, HWMonitor64, and others, so you might want to try one of those.


Z690-E, i9-12900k, 2x16 DDR5, 980pro nvme x3, Ryujin-II 360, Strix Animate-II, Evga 3090 ftw3

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@pharoh4269  - I stand corrected.  I am, in fact, seeing frequency and temperature data for both my integrated GPU (intel) and discrete (nvidia) GPU in the dashboard statistics.   For frequency, they are both just labelled "GPU Clock".  For temperature, the integrated is labeled as "GPU" and the discrete is labeled as "GPU #1".

AC does not provide any control (i.e., lighting or fan control) for non-Asus discrete GPUs, but it does provide frequency and temperature in dashboard (at least for the Intel and Nvidia devices I have -- sorry, no experience here with AMD).  

Z690-E, i9-12900k, 2x16 DDR5, 980pro nvme x3, Ryujin-II 360, Strix Animate-II, Evga 3090 ftw3

@RogScott Nice! This makes sense as any program that can set fan curves should report temps for various parts.

I am desperately trying to figure out why my power color red devil isn't being detected by AC or iCue. I did just disable the integrated driver for the processor and my AC GPU stats reported earlier disappeared.  I just can't figure out why the GPU isn't being picked up by either program.

So: If anybody reading this knows someone running a power color card that AC is detecting I would love get connected with them. 

Power color has no forums, and I am trying to register for iCue forums to pursue this issue there as well. Power colors software, uh, sucks. Color options and temp reported but that is it. The Power Color software seems to be the only thing capable of detecting the GPU temp, but it is, so how do I get other programs to find that information? Oof.

@MasterC I apologize that this is not a AC specific issue.

Level 12

@pharoh4269 - Are other utilities (i.e., hwinfo64, aida64, etc) able to report your discrete GPU's temps / frequencies / fans? 

I'm not positive, but I *think* AC relies on an SDK from CPUID to get most temps, fan speeds, and so forth.  So it would be interesting to see if CPUID's hwmonitor (HWMONITOR | Softwares | CPUID) is able to see your red devil card.

Z690-E, i9-12900k, 2x16 DDR5, 980pro nvme x3, Ryujin-II 360, Strix Animate-II, Evga 3090 ftw3

@RogScott just installed and sure enough Cupid is detecting the GPU, I should have said earlier but obviously AMD adrenaline software is reporting GPU stats as well.