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Armory Crate disabling lighting effects when changing audio devices.

Level 7

As the title states, I recently updated Asus Aura to the latest version of Armory Crate and now the RGB effects disable when changing audio devices (HyperX 7.1 headset USB with audio booster control from USB to the jack).
Have to keep opening AC to enable my favorite lighting settings before and after use all the time.

Why is this now a problem when past versions worked before, this issue is super user unfriendly.

My lighting preset reacts to sound, with partial hearing loss, I have to rely on headphones so I do not disturb my household.
My RGB setting helps give me a sense of low sound volume I am no longer capable of hearing myself and now I have to keep turning it on manually to enjoy my games and music.

Thanks for making it more difficult for the handicapped users, I might replace everything for Corsair products and iCue if there is no fix for this in the future versions.
Kind regards, get bent.
Last words: this new forum layout sucks, Can't even scroll down the page for previous postings, who ever the web designer you hired for this needs to be replaced with someone who knows how to add a functional scroll bar, need to zoom out to 60% to go down the page a little before everything is unreadable.