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Any problem running "ARMOURY CRATE & AI SUITE" at the same time?

Level 7

I just bought Asus X570 ProArt motherboard a few months ago and i am a little confused about having both installed. I have not had Asus for some years so i am a bit lost.

- Please can anyone tell me if they can run good together or is it best to only have one of them? 
__other pointers are very welcome


Level 12

According to my personal experience I advise you to use only Armoury Crate and if you want to uninstall AI Suite, do not do it from Windows installed applications but uninstall with AI Suite 3 Cleaner only. If you uninstall Armoury Crate do it with Armoury Crate Uninstall Tool only.

When installing Armoury Crate it is very important to reboot the system when it asks for it.

Level 9

i have both installed because when i update bios i can do it with that AI suite 3 and use custom boot logo. and no any issues so far.

Yes it is according to our use of each one.