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Another Failed update.

Level 9

Another failed update. I seriously am disappointed with ASUS. Once again with another update, not only I can't sync all devices with Aura, it wont even recognized my 3070 Ti ...What I see, is ASUS shares and profits going down...I doubt I will buy another ASUS product...


Level 9

I don't have an issue with them constantly testing new stuff (that nobody asked for) in Armoury Crate.

I find very annoying that they don't provide links for older versions of Armoury Crate.

If I'm an old user of ASUS, and I already know which version of Armoury Crate works almost perfect for me, why don't you let me download it.

I wish I could get AC 5.5.X or older. Even better the last Armoury Crate 4.X.X, before the release of AC 5.

But they only offer the AC5.7 installer and AC5.6 with the full installation package. No way to go back.

I don't either.... But when I start Armoury Crate it automatically updates the program version. Then it tells me that my drivers our outdated. And if they fixed the previous version, why would they mess with the new one? I had to uninstall Armoury and then Reinstall...Please stop wasting my time ASUS...I could have bought my MB, Graphics Card, etc. cheaper from other companies but chose to support you!

Level 8

Has any of you at least had an answer from their Google Form report submission: ??????

I feel like at a lot of people report in that thread, but nobody will check that. I don't know.

Armoury Crate needs to be rebuild from zero instead of getting new updates. And needs to focus only on the most essential.

I didn't know that even existed but I will give it a try. But so far, any solution to my problem is uninstall and install again. Does that degrade my M.2 drive? How many writes before it goes bad? Should they pay me for my problems? Companies are doing whatever they like and we can't say anything in fear to get sued.