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Another Armoury Crate Misery

Level 7

The first photo shows the Armoury Crate advertisement. The second photo is what it really looks like. Getting the 'scenario profiles' is not really user friendly but manageable. I just cannot find anywhere in the app that has the ability to hardware monitor, while also using an Asus *mobo. Sad the app feels like it just wants you to download and use more asus cr💩p. Unless I'm missing something or just not seeing the button to push to get rid of the dashboard asus wallpaper page?

It's also a pain that there does not seem to be a place to save to an 'onboard memory.' When you save the profile, there is an option to clear cache, but this does not seem to do anything. When you turn on the PC, you either have to have the program open with windows and/or manually open the program and select dark mode to reset the defaults. Then reselect your profile to trigger your mobo and graphics card to read the same profile that should have already been set. Otherwise, the GPU will be stuck in rainbow default mode while the Mobo and Ram may run the profile or have other issue stated below.

This may be another issue, but if left alone during start up, sometimes the first A1 Ram slot will but shut off and not product any colors. The only way to fix it is a restart and to do the fix mentioned above. (select dark mode then reselect your profile)

Intel Asus mobo / Asus 30 series GPU / G.skill Ram



-What it really looks like.

Asus 2.PNG