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Alternative to Armoury Crate?

Level 10
So sick of the bloatware, broken software known as Armoury Crate. Does anyone know of an alternative that doesn't install WAY too many services and other garbage on your system, oh, and actually works? My entire system and peripherals are ROG, Monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc. I have been ROG since it started, but this will be my last Asus build due to their software. Any alternative to AC, or if anyone knows if software in development that I could follow, please let me know.

Level 8
i just have asus 390 mb and asus tuf 380 gpu.and i cant get them both work on AC for 2 year now.its a joke
asus aura can control my mb rgb but not the 3080.
as soon i install AC i could control 3080 rgb but my MB rgb not working.its so annoying.
does anyone knows if Asus Aura supported tuf 3080 gpu rgb?
asus should have kept aura just for rgb.i think it was mistake to move all softwre to Ac.

Level 8

Looking for alternatives as well. If it were just a matter of RGB or fan control I know there are a few options .. but ... I have the Ryujin II 360 AIO in my system. I'm pretty sure Armory Crate is the only app that will manage or configure that display screen? 

If there is anything else at all I could use please let me know. The latest AC update fouled up the AC data output to the Ryujin II display so now some categories just read 0's instead of their actual value. 


Level 7

so tired of trying to get armory crate not crashing. tired of no seamless support of ASUS. do you want us to spend money. shoot I thought i did. your support ASUS is lacking. I mean you want to be the best but like most chines stuff....inferior

1200.00 laptop and i cant even find it on your site..Weak as fuk


Level 9

There are constant errors, there are a lot of unnecessary services running in the background. I'm bored now.

With the last update, I am getting a crash error and the RGB colors of my keyboard have become unusable. The keyboard goes to waste in this state. 

Asus laptop I use at work. Crash error appeared on the screen and my work was left unfinished and could not be saved.

There is absolutely no support. I'm moving to Corsair for peripherals. I also uninstalled all Asus services from my work laptop. I installed G-Helper > 

Asus is over for me.

Level 9

I tried SignalRGB for a while, it seemed fine, detected most things, though I found it not as consistent with wake from sleep as Asus.  I am using Asus for RGB still, but my next build will be RGB free or disabled in BIOS.  Only the keyboard and mice will have lights and it will probably be Corsair or Razer. 

For Fans I love: (Fan Control).  JayZTwoCents even did a video on some configuration options to take advantage of the software that is better than anything ASUS has available.  Been on if for a couple years now, will not use anything else. 

Level 9

I got a

- 14900k 

- Asus rog ryujin iii 360 argb

- Asus rog maximus z790 formula

- ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4080

when i install armoury crate my whole pc starts to freak out. 

And it all start when GameTurbo (High Performance) Power Plan get enabled true armoury crate.


Game stutter like no tomorrow. 

Cant use my hardware like i should be, and to get rid of everything and make it working again i need to reinstall windows.

i wish i could rma everything and skip this brand forever.